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Monday Madness

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I’ve been going crazy lately with chasing after our 19 month-old. The thing is, I’m grateful that our temporary apartment is paid for during this move, BUT it is NOT CHILD-SAFE!!!

I’m spending most of my day to keep the little man out of trouble, and we already had quite a few bumps and bruises in the past 3 weeks. Not fun. Plus, it’s exhausting for me to always be the bad cop, telling him “No, that’s dangerous” etc. It’s tiring.

In addition to the new apartment and running after a curious little explorer, my significant other isn’t home much. He has to work late, goes to the store during our son’s bed-time, etc. so all of the toddler stuff falls on me. Yes, I’m grateful to be able to stay at home with our son, but I’m telling you I need a break, and quite truthfully I always thought the two guys would be spending much more time together. For some reason, I always need to be around.

It’s time to let go.

This mama needs some room to breathe. Take a yoga class, go for a run, get a pedicure, whatever. I’m not asking for a full-time nanny. Just an hour every couple of days.

As my son is napping and recovering from a fall off of the arm chair, I’m trying to take a few breaths just for me.

And possibly I’m going to order this summery polka-dot top from Nordstrom.

Pleione Sleeveless Knit Top

Fellow toddler-mamas: How do you keep yourself sane? Childcare? A husband that helps out? Retail therapy?


Preparing for Take-Off & WIAW

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Wow, it’s Wednesday! This means we will be flying to Europe in two days! :-D

It also means, I get to share my eats with you!

Peas and Crayons

But first things first, the little Mr. is going to walk very soon (he can walk assisted, when holding on to our fingers), so to protect his little toes, I decided it’s finally time for a pair of shoes! He’s had shoes on his feet before, but he always managed to wiggle them off, somehow.

We picked up a pair of Robeez soft soled sandals for the summer. I hope they stay on his feet. :)

Baby Sandals!

So cute. I think baby shoe shopping is even better than shoe shopping for myself! There are sooo many cute and stylish options out there, I actually had a hard time making up my mind what to get for the little guy.

Moving on to the eats.


  • cup of coffee with milk
  • bowl of yogurt, organic strawberries and a crumbled granola bar on top.

I'm loving plain yogurt lately. I guess the dairy break is officially over – we're friends again!


  • Quiznos small turkey sandwich with guacamole (no bacon)
  • Starbuck’s iced coffee. [forgot to take pictures - sorry!]


  • The little guy’s leftover half of a banana.
  • More yogurt, strawberries & kamut puffs.

Cereal, cereal, more cereal!

Lots and lots of water.



  • Random mix of things found in the fridge. We’re trying to empty the fridge before our trip.

mixed salad, sliced spicy chicken breast, potato wedges


  • The usual walking
  • carrying & bouncing baby
  • dip in the pool earlier today! :)

That concludes this week’s What I ate Wednesday [WIAW]. If you’re interested in learning more, you can contact Jenn at Peas & Crayons.

We have a whole lot of stuff to do (paperwork, cleaning, packing, etc.) before we go on vacation, but I can’t wait to see our family and friends!

If you’re interested in writing a fun little food-, fitness-, family-, traveling-, or fun-related guest post in the next three weeks, feel free to email me or contact me on twitter @susoniadotcom!

OK, gotta go get organized!


Vancouver: Baby Outings

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Warning: As you might have guessed correctly from the title, this is a baby-related post! :)

I know, I mention our little guy in a lot of my posts, but this one is specifically about baby and kid activities in and around Vancouver.

Even though I’ve been doing mom & baby yoga since my son has been 7 weeks old, I’m always on the lookout for new things to do with the little man. After all, mom & baby yoga is meant for pre-mobile babies and I never know how much time I will have left to enjoy his sitting by himself and playing with his toys.

Baby Yoga – Stretchy Toe Pose :-)

So I came up with a few fun things to do, when I will have to stop going to my beloved yoga, because chasing after a little one wouldn’t leave much time for stretching, bending and twisting. We’re still enjoying it for now, though.

  • I just signed us up for a class at Gymboree North Shore for next week. The first class is free!
  • Baby Swim Classes starting later this month. Most community centers offer infant and toddler swim classes for an affordable price. Also: a friend invited us to join her and her daughter (same age as our son) to meet and go swimming in her building’s pool – ahh, the perks of downtown condo living…
  • For those rainy Vancouver days, there is a year-round, indoor beach in Richmond!!! How awesome is that?? They have a variety of things to do there, from fitness classes and Volleyball drop-ins as well as kids events. They host free movie nights for older kids, as well as other kid firendly activities such as birthday parties and Kids Beach for lil’ Diggers.
  • There are quite a few baby-/kid-friendly cafes in the area. Bojangles in Yaletown is our favourite after-yoga spot (changing table, highchairs, lots of space for strollers), but there are places I have yet to try, such as the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. or Little Nest

    Bojangles Cafe (Source: shirleysees.blogspot.ca)

  • As the days get warmer, there is always the Seawall (9.5 km around Stanley Park), which is a great way to get in a long walk and fresh air. If it’s raining, the Vancouver Aquarium is one of my favourite places to go. If you go more than 3 times per year, membership is totally worth it (around $60/year vs. $20 for a single adult visit). Our son already loves watching the beluga whales and fishies.

Oh, I also wanted to throw in an  online-shopping pet peeve: Stores that claim something is organic, which it actually isn’t! :(   West Coast Kids sells “organic” Baby Legs legwarmers, but (as of writing this post) only half of the offered colours actually are, if you cross-reference it with the organic category on the Baby Legs website… It’s a shame knowing that some people now believe they bought something made from organic, pesticide and chemical-free cotton, but they actually got ripped off. My legwarmer shopping experience is just one example. Lesson: If you want to be sure about a product, you can always double-check with the brand’s website itself or look for the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) label.

sample label (Source: Global Organic Textile Standard)

As you can see, I clearly spend way too much time surfing the web for baby deals, instead of working on my course work… I need to get out of the house. Off to see a movie (Movies 4 Mommies at the Rio) and to meet a friend to dip our babies in the pool! :D

Enjoy your day and feel free to share your favourite baby & me activities! Any must-do Vancouver family events or classes? Leave a comment!