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Our CSA Box + What I Ate Wednesday

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Happy Wednesday!

We have a little nap ditcher at home, so blogging time is hard to come by these days. And the little energy ball is only 2 years and 3 months. It’s definitely way to early (for me) that he is starting to phase out his naps, but each child is so different. We have to come up with new routines, so that I can get back into blogging a bit more regularly. Hopefully. Wish us luck.

I thought I’d (finally!) share some of our CSA box contents with you. It’s been amazing, to get a huge box full of greens, fresh herbs, fruit and veggies, delivered almost to our home (they drop at the Mr.’s office).

  • For the past few months we’ve always had a bag of at least 8 oranges. Fresh orange juice has gotten a whole new meaning, as these oranges are fresh from the trees. Bonus: our 2 year-old will sometimes find one when he’s rummaging in the fridge, take it out, run to one of us, and say “juicy juicy please!” – my heart melts that he knows where orange juice comes from!

  • There’s at least one bunch of greens (kale/chard) or lettuce, but most often two.
  • Fresh fruit: peaches, oranges, limes, apples, grapes, dates, avocados – it is amazing!
  • Veggies: Summer squash, zucchini, beans, bell peppers, spicy peppers, fennel, eggplant, onion, potatoes, sweet potatoes and I’m probably forgetting a few.
  • Fresh herbs: dill, parsley, rosemary

We pay $30 every two weeks and we get a two week’s worth of local, organic (!!!) produce. Take that, Whole Foods!

And since it’s What I Ate Wednesday party time over at Peas & Crayons (Thanks, Jenn!) I decided to link up a few meals I came up with with this abundance of freshness. It’s been a while and I’m excited to be back.

Green Baked Eggs:

Tomato Soup + obligatory grilled cheese:

Greens in ALL THE MEALS:

One of my favorite ways to use parsley lately is putting it on scrambled eggs. The other dishes are simple roasted potatoes with a herby Greek yogurt dip, and an always yummy avocado and eggs toast.

What are your favorite ways to use fresh herbs? I love fresh parsley and dill dip, tzatziki, parsley on eggs, and even in a  green juice.

With Thanksgiving coming up here, do you have any foods you are especially looking forward to? We’re keeping it low-key this year, as we just moved here a few months ago, and being a German/Swedish family, we don’t really care much for turkey and the works. *GASP* I know, shocking, right? ;)

We’re just looking forward to a few relaxing days and maybe, maybe some shopping on Friday.

Peas and Crayons

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to check out some other Wednesday Eats over at Peas & Crayons!

Weekend Fun

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This was actually two weekends ago, but I still wanted to share!

We went apple picking in Julian, CA and we had so much fun, especially our two year-old little guy! We’ve been eating apples/applesauce/apple crisp like crazy. I think pie is the next logical step. :)

If you’re looking for some fun fall family activities and you have apple farms close by, I’d say do this as long as it’s apple season!

Oh, and of course, we also got even more apples in our CSA box last week, because – you know – it’s apple season.

Now, what to do with 10lbs of apples?

Have you ever been apple picking?

What’s your favorite apple recipe? Please share and leave a comment! I need more apple ideas! ;)

Also: Stay tuned for the unboxing of our latest CSA share box!


Easy Summer Meals & What I Ate Wednesday

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You guys? Do you even know how much I am looking forward to cooler temperatures?

I already picked out a pair of fall boots that I fully intend to buy, but I’m still hesitating, because I’m not even sure if San Diego will ever have any fall or winter weather. It makes me a little sad.

At the beginning of September it’s still a whopping 37°C/98.6°F outside today. I’m so glad our AC is cooperating. I’m not even sure how I walked 1.5 miles home from the gym at lunch time.

Speaking of lunch – it’s time for another What I Ate Wednesday!

Peas and Crayons

Because of the crazy temperatures, meals needed to be quick and easy, as I haven’t been feeling like standing in the kitchen above a hot stove or in front of the oven lately. And because I’m a busy toddler-mama, I’m posting eats from the week, because it can be tricky taking photos from ALL of my eats during the course of one day.

By the way, I finally downloaded a photo collage app for my phone and I’m still practicing (see the bottom left corner – ooops! ;) )  - if you know of a collage maker software, please share it with me! :)  

Some summer lunches from last week:

  • Mexican “Pizza” (beans and cheese on tortilla, topped with fresh veggies and salsa)
  • Panang chicken curry (we finally found a great Thai restaurant nearby)
  • Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup (Trader Joe’s Organic Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper is oh. so. good. and will be stocked for fall/winter)
  • Quiche + Salad from Champagne French Bakery
  • Lots of smoothies, including this Strawberry and White Chocolate one

Dinners were still loaded up with veggies.

Salmon and Green Rice:

Braised Chicken with rice and greens:

And last, but not least, Stuffed Sweet Potatoes:

I’m linking this week’s What I Ate Wednesday up withPeas and Crayons, which always has fantastic food inspiration, so head over there and check it out. And don’t forget to congratulate Jenn for the arrival of her little chickpea!

What are you favorite light and easy summer meals? I’m always looking for new recipe ideas, so leave a comment and share! :)