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Well, Hello There! {What I Ate Wednesday}

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Long time no see!

I’m sorry, but I felt the need to disappear for a while from bloggyland.  I just felt that my posts were half-hearted and I had nothing to say, so I decided to take a break and focus on other things instead.

What did I do, you wanna know?

Well, I read a book, for starters. In two days. It was a glorious, easy-to-read chick book and it was quite amusing.

I also upped my gym time to 3x per week (most weeks), because – wait for it – I signed up for a race. That’s right friends, this old lady is picking up running again.

Oh, and did you know that 2 year-olds are pretty time-consuming and energy-stealing? ;)

Anyway, I’m back in time for What I Ate Wednesday, hosted by the lovely Jenn over at Peas & Crayons.

Some of my weekend eats. Here ya go:

  • Evol chicken and cilantro burrito (Costco find), banana, cucumbers
  • green tea
  • Pale Ale at the SD Zoo (how awesome is it that they sell beer?)
  • scrambled eggs and toast (obsessed with fresh parsley on my eggs lately)
  • noosa yoghurt (so, so good)
  • Malbec
  • First “tall, nonfat, 1 pump, no whip, no drizzle gingerbread latte” of the season, paired with above mentioned book
  • more yogurt (Stonyfield organic greek)
  • Jackies Jam (on my toast) – it’s a local find and it tastes just like homemade jam. Strawberry Rhubarb is my favourite, although, plain strawberry is pretty dang delicious too, I have to say.
Of course this is not all I ate, but I forgot to take pictures of the loads of popcorn, pasta, Lärabars, grapes and other meals and snacks in between. One thing definitely worth mentioning was that I was treated to dinner by the Mr. (a rare treat, but oh so worth the wait) of Chanterelle Toasts, which was devoured!

Do you like chanterelle mushrooms? What is your favorite recipe for them? 

One of our favorites is definitely stewed chanterelles on toast. You can find out how we usually make them here. Easy and delicious and you have to try them!

Did you find any fun, local foods lately? 

Apart from Jackie’s Jam, we’re also getting our farm box this afternoon and I can’t wait to dig in. I’m craving fresh veggies big time! And I still have some persimmons leftover from the last box… Any suggestions on what to do with them? They’re new territory to me.

What I Ate Yesterday

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Umm, so I had a true moment of mommy brain yesterday, when I thought I wouldn’t be able to participate in Jenn’s What I Ate Wednesday link-up. Luckily I realized it was only Tuesday and I still had time to write this post. Don’t blame me, I have a 23 month-old, who doesn’t like to nap anymore.

Lot’s of things have happened in the last few days, including getting a Costco membership, which is obviously reflected in my eats. I’m pretty excited about huge containers of organic lettuce and strawberries for cheap, but I also have to admit that I’m a victim of the 15-pack of Häagen-Dazs ice cream bars…

Alright, enough talk, let’s get straight to the food. Here are Tuesday’s eats:

Breakfast #1 (unpictured) – around 8:45am: Small bowl of Puffins with (organic) 1% milk + coffee

Breakfast #2 – 11am:  These amazing 3-ingredient Oat Crepes - seriously, this is the third time in a week I’ve made them – with homemade blueberry sauce

Lunch – 1pm: Whole wheat english muffin with Cambozola cheese, apple slices and spinach

+ blueberry smoothie

PM snack/treat (unpictured): Ice Cream from our Costco Stash + another coffee (BTW: I cut wayyyyy down on my caffeine intake and now brew 8 oz cups with the Keurig, so I usually don’t drink more than 16 oz a day)

Dinner: Everything but the kitchen sink veggie plate with hummus, sharp cheddar, toast and a fried egg.

It was a day full of easy meals with what we had in the fridge.

Peas and Crayons

Don’t forget to go and check out some more fun eats over at Peas & Crayons, there are always tons of amazing bloggers linking up!

Are you a Costco member? Do you overbuy? How do you prevent it? And do you have any new foodie finds lately? Please share, I’m always up for trying something new! 

Fluffy Pancakes and Green Challenge

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After hearing about using vinegar to fluff up pancakes (first from a friend and then finding a recipe on Pinterest), I decided to give them a try. The original recipe comes from Coleen’s Recipes and I followed it to a T.

The result:

Super fluffy pancakes!

I realized I had no syrup in the house, so I decided to eat mine with lemon-vanilla cottage cheese creme (about 1/4 cup whipped creme, 1/2 cup cottage cheese, juice of 1/2 lemon, 2 teaspoons of vanilla sugar all blended together until creamy) and fresh strawberries.

Yummy and toddler approved! :)

Also, can you believe it’s March!!!

When I found out about Katy’s Green Challenge, I decided to participate in the action. If you submit a photo on twitter or instagram every day of the challenge, you will be entered to win a $25 Starbucks gift card. And we all know how I feel about Starbucks, right? ;)

From her blog, Fit in Heels:

Here’s my submission for today:

Green smoothie with a handful spinach, 1/4 cucumber, 1 pear, lemon juice and fresh ginger (sorry for the phone pic taken in my dark, messy kitchen…).

I’ve come to the conclusion that I like my green smoothies not too sweet. I’m no longer adding frozen banana or sweet fruits to them. I still love all kinds of fruit but not in my green smoothie. This girl needs ginger + lemon!

Do you drink green smoothies? It’s an easy way to get some greens into your diet.

Ladies Holiday
Wishing you a fantastic weekend and make those fluffy pancakes you see above! You won’t regret it! Hope see you back here soon!