Ancient Exercise Bike Workout + Smoothie

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After a weekend of working and two assignments due yesterday, all I wanted last night was taking it easy. Unfortunately I ended up drinking too much wine, so that I became too lazy to whip up some dinner and we ended up ordering pizza (yuck & yum at the same time – I’ll explain it another time…). Anyway, unless I change my mind, dinner tonight will most likely be takeout from the fantastic Whole Foods hot bar. Hope I’ll find something that the BF will like. And for myself I am looking forward to some kale. ;)

Today I decided to work out at home on our ancient exercise bike, that BF brought home one day after he won it at an auction at work. It was annoyingly loud and it made the weirdest sounds. Maybe I just noticed, because I worked out without music. Instead – and I know people’s opinions are divided about this – I started to read One First Avenue by Candace Bushnell (author of Sex and the City) while exercising. I usually don’t do this. I just borrowed it from the library, but then figured out that I don’t actually have time to read this with all my school work. So I decided to try reading while working out, and it worked well.

My after-workout-brunch was a “Razzango Oatmeal Smoothie”, of which I unfortunately don’t have a picture, because of my non-existing camera, but I can tell you it looked and tasted delicious! I just made the recipe up! Maybe I will even share it. :D

Anyways, off to school now! See you later!

2009 RECAP

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I thought a 2009 recap would be an interesting post for me to remember what actually happened last year. For me 2009 was pretty good, but also kind of chaotic. The following are some of the most interesting moments of ’09:

  • we moved to our current apartment last February (almost exactly one year ago)
  • I found a new job
  • We hiked part of the Baden-Powell trail on Vancouver’s North Shore:
    Part 1 from Deep Cove to Lynn Valley with our friends Bronwen, Vanessa and Esteban, and Part 2 from Lynn Valley to Grouse Mountain – incl. Grouse Grind – I did together with my boyfriend (aka the BF) a few weeks later
  • I started running in the summer. I ran a little bit every now and then, but this summer I was actually running around 2x per week
  • I started reading more health/food blogs. I always was interested in healthy eating, cooking, nutrition, etc. but in 2009 I actually found out that there are a lot of  healthy food bloggers out there and I actually started following a few of them.
  • I started to finish my degree after a 2-year break
  • I enjoyed the sunny Vancouver beach weather in the summer
  • I went to Europe over Christmas  and New Years thanks to my boyfriends awesome dad (Thanks again!!!)
  • I lost about 30 lbs (13.6 kg)

These are just a few things that I remember right now. Whenever I have the time to go and look at some photos, I might share some of them on the blog!

See you soon,


HAPPY 2010!

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I hope everyone had a good start in the new year so far. Mine was pretty good. What about new years resolutions?
Usually I am not a resolutions kind of girl, but let’s just say that I have set some personal goals in 2010:

  • start blogging (which I’m doing right now)
  • do yoga (at least) once a week
  • go to the gym more often
  • go snowboarding again
  • eat healthier
  • buy a new handbag (or two); my old bag just doesn’t do it for me anymore, now that I have to carry all those books around again
  • get better grades in university
  • do the Vancouver Sun Run
  • lose a bit more weight

It will be interesting to see, what I will be able to accomplish, and I am looking forward to sharing my experiences here on :)

See you soon,


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