I watched Avatar!

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We finally went and watcher Avatar last night and I thought it was amazing! I expected it to be good, but it totally overshot my expectations, and that hasn’t happened in a long time, when seeing movies lately. What an amazing piece of art!

Todays quick wake-up-fast breakfast consists of steel cut oats with a kiwi, 1/2 banana, and some chopped walnuts paired with a cup of coffee (or two, possibly even three… :-o ) with almond milk.

One of my Projects…

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… is growing roots: our Yucca plant. When we went to Europe over Christmas, the BF totally over-watered it and it was standing in a sea of old water for about to weeks – and he was wondering why all the leaves were brown!

So when we came back, we trimmed the Yucca of all its dead leaves, and decided to give it a shower (seriously) to rinse off that old smelly water. Unfortunately we broke one of the top parts off (one of those leave bushels – sorry, I don’t know the name for it  :o ). Anyway, I decided to put it in water and wait for it to grow roots. I remember this from first grade, where we had to grow bean sprouts (I think?!?) in just water and sunlight (as far as I can remember). However, the BF made fun of me and didn’t believe me, as usual, when I tell him I remember something that I learned in primary school (to be honest, I wasn’t really sure about the whole thing myself)…

But, as I was checking if I should change the water for the Yucca cutting, I saw that it was turning into a grey-ish colour. So I decided to change it. I thought I’d pass out from the smell. There were still a few rests of old leaves on the stem, and guessing from the smell, they were starting to disintegrate. So, the brave girl that I am, I ripped these last parts of rotting leave rests off, and made quite the discovery: roots! (What do say NOW, BF? Muhahaha!)

Now we just have to wait for the roots to grow a bit longer so we can put it in a pot (I remember this from first grade, too)…

I Added Some Fun!

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I added a new page on the blog! It’s called “Fun”, and will feature some random stuff that I consider… FUN.

Not so much to see yet, but come back soon and check it out.