Pasta Dinner

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Hey Everyone,

Dinner turned out to be Pesto Shrimp Pappardelle and a spinach salad on the side. Sorry for the blurry photo – it’s made with a cell phone…

Also, this is officially post #14, and actually I’m just writing it, so I don’t have to go to bed with 13 posts on my blog. I’m superstitious, I know… :-o

Bitten by the Baking Bug

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Today’s eats were a little bit random, because I slept in (9:15am- I was so mad at myself… but I was up until 2am the night before). The man left for work at 9.25ish, and ten minutes later it rang, and the cable guy was there to install our TV stuff. It didn’t work out because we didn’t have access to the electrical room, where he has to do something. So we need to book another appointment with him, when we get the key from the property manager. By the way, at this point we have already been waiting 3 weeks for this appointment, and if they had told us that they need to access that room, we would have made the arrangements. So frustrating. Also, it is an all day appointment… can’t they even give us a two hour time slot, or something?

OK, back to the food. Cable guy was here at 9.40am, so I haven’t eaten breakfast until 10.30ish.

  • Small portion of Steel Cut Oats with Chia Pudding and a Banango Protein Smoothie – sluuuurp!

Then I was running some errands, walking back and forth, a total of around 5km – not bad for a non-workout day, isn’t it?  ;-)

I came home with some groceries, and suddenly had this urge to bake – maybe also just to find a reason to put on my apron… I ended up making Kladdkaka (Swedish Mud Pie – yummy! I already had a piece…), followed by my first vegan cake/bread: Zucchini Chocolate Chip Bread, of which I also had a slice…

Check out my Kladdkaka in front of our pretty tray: it’s Stockholm! :-D

Later I had a snack: crackers & spinach chipotle dip, and a tiny glass (100ml) of Odwalla Berries GoMega Smoothie. Today I haven’t eaten a single piece of fresh fruit, but at least I had 2 smoothies – not the same, but I tried…

Now, I’m off to make some dinner, which I’m not so sure about yet, but I can tell you, it’ll have shrimp.

See you soon!

Pizza Party

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To celebrate the fact that I have a pizza baking stone, Thursday’s dinner was one of my favourites: Susonian Style Pizza

Homemade pizza for me: on top of the complimentary tomato sauce (with garlic) and mozzarella (fresh) , I had tomatoes, mushrooms, and salami. Usually I would put shredded pizza mozzarella on the tomato sauce, and then use the fresh mozzarella (aka “bocconcini”) as topping, but I only had fresh mozzarella, so I skipped the shredded cheese.

Note: Susan can’t make  round pizza ;-)

Frozen pizza for the professor…

He was cleaning our cave and didn’t feel like making his own, or get a “healthy” pizza from his girl. ;)

But check out this close up of his pizza: