What is wrong with People?

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We were supposed to get our TV installed last Friday (see this post). However, we didn’t have a key to the electrical room in our apartment building, so the TV guy couldn’t install it!

So, we were talking back and forth with the property management company. First they couldn’t give us the key on Friday or Monday, because they still had a form from our landlords missing. Then, we took care of the form, which thanks to our nice and quick landlord could be done on the weekend, so that we could get the key on Monday or Tuesday.

So we called this woman on Monday, again, and on Tuesday and today, and she was giving us a very hard time, because she was not able to schedule the key to get dropped off at our place, nor to let us know about that. BF let her know what his opinion was.

She actually asked if she should call our TV provider and schedule a new meeting for us?!?!?

First of all, she has no business scheduling my (between me and the TV provider – she works for our property management company?!?!?) appointments! Second, she is not able to schedule the “appointments” of her own company. That makes her completely redundant, doesn’t it? And she also claims that this is not her problem, we should contact the strata council (that by the way only gave us the number to this property management company…). And third, they have no contact phone numbers for people on site, only a pager number (aka. “don’t bother me, I’ll call you back”) for that maintenance guy, and communication with the council members is via email (so nothing gets done, because people reply to them whenever they want to, instead of dealing with a phone call).

So can someone please tell me: What is wrong with these people?


We got everything installed after all that hassle with these people and after more than a year without cable TV, we now have digital cable! Hellooooo Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, Fringe, and all the others (*cough cough* What not to Wear, cooking shows). I missed you!  :-D

Oh I hate this class…

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Ok, I guess it’s normal to have a class per term where you think you don’t really fit in – in fact I have that with most of my classes. I really enjoy Film Studies, and my online nutrition course is going well, too. However, as an international student, I have to take my first-year English requirements (even though I’m technically third year). Fair enough, I’m happy to play by the rules, even if that means paying more money for another (in my opinion) unnecessary course. I had one of my two first-year English classes (Academic Writing) last term and got an A- on the course – yay!

Now, this term is a whole different story. I’m in my second term at this university, and in my second English class, and all I can tell you is : I HATE IT! Our professor is basically a rude, middle aged (hormonal?) woman, who twists everything that the poor students say in front of the class (=160 other students. Her straightforwardness (is that a word?) is in my opinion just rude. She says things like “this is university, we can’t deal with this basic stuff” when someone doesn’t answer her stupid primary school questions – assuming we don’t know it, even though it’s just so obvious, no one thinks it’s worth wasting time on. And she degrades the people who actually participate in her lecture, by twisting their replies to her questions against them.

And then there’s the discussion group for this class. Too bad, our teaching assistant can’t speak English properly… I’m not judging her, but I think I’m one of the oldest students in this class, and I’ve had classes with higher academic standards (not to sound full of myself, but I am paying a sh**load of money for my education). I just got my first assignment back, marked by her, and I don’t feel the mark is justified. And a bunch of other girls (who are pretty eloquent) also didn’t do too well. I’m definitely gonna go to her office hours, to ask about her marking. She also names random people in the class to read out texts – what is this, first grade? Is she trying to enforce her “authority”? I just think it’s ridiculous.

I missed the withdrawal date and I’m just gonna do my best, but I don’t really care about it anymore. I just hope I pass the course. Ugh… Sorry about the rant!

School Stress = Pizzaster

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Hi everyone,

Tuesday is the day of my dreaded English discussion group – more on that in an upcoming post – so my eating was stress and cafeteria influenced…

Breakfast was a leftover green smoothie, then off to class, then I had a coffee followed by a veggie burrito (no onion, no guacamole) for lunch and a tea misto from Starbucks for waking up. I also snacked on half a banana with almond&cashew butter.

My dinner plans were pleasantly interrupted by a phone call from a lovely friend in Munich – I haven’t talked to her or seen her in ages. So the man and I ended up ordering pizzaster. ;-)
I’m not telling you what kinda pizza it was, but I can tell ya, it was a caloric bomb! This was followed by 1/4 of a tub of a Marios Gelati tub of Hedgehog ice cream- yummy! Hello gym, I’ll see you as soon as I can…