Balancing Acts: Blogging and Life Itself

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As you might know from my previous post, I’ve been feeling a little lost/stressed lately. Our current home is only temporary, so I’m not very motivated to cook and prepare healthy meals with limited gadgets and a different kitchen. I also don’t have the luxury of childcare for taking a random yoga or exercise class. I am however making being healthier a priority again.

As I’m catching up on my favorite blogs, I am seriously wondering just how in the world all these fabulous girls do it all the time.

They’re not only sharing tidbits of their day-to-day life, but also create workouts, recipes or meal plans, photograph their food and shopping trips and entertain their readers with their writing. Most of these bloggers work (either from home or outside), study, and many are full-time mothers to little ones (and/or fur babies). They somehow manage not only to balance their busy lives, but also get their workouts in, cook their own food AND have the time to blog about it.

And here I am, barely managing the basics.

However, here’s what I’ve been loving lately, health-wise:

  • I took my first Barre class yesterday and let me tell you, my entire body is SORE! I wasn’t particularly amazed by the class (I prefer booty-shaking cardio classes like Zumba), but I can already tell that this will bring amazing results.
  • Soups extra servings of veggies ready to slurp down? Yes, please! I’ll take the carton or take-out variety over homemade, because, as I said, limited kitchen tools, no slow cooker, no time, etc.
  • Scheduling more me-time. I’ve been going on walk/runs, doing yoga or the new-to-me Barre class mentioned above
  • Vitamin D: at least there’s no lack of sunshine here in Southern California. Enough to splash around in the pool or get soaked at the water fountain! ;)

Random Thoughts:

I love the contrast of the lush vegetation (these phone pics really don’t do it justice) nestled into the dry, shrubby almost desert-like hills of Southern California. This also fits well with the balance theme of this post. ;)

From our neighborhood:

Although we were at the San Diego Botanic Garden yesterday, I barely managed to snap any pictures. The water fountain at the playground is more fun in the heat anyways. :)

I really love being a part of the healthy living blog community for the past three years. Blogging might have fallen a bit to the wayside lately. However, I am striving to be more consistent in sharing more food, recipes, and my journey to get fit (again) with you all. After all, blogs were what inspired me to get healthy in the first place, more than 4 years ago, and eventually led me to write my own little blog here. Posts might be a little random, as we are looking for a permanent place to live and explore the area, but I have big plans to return to the kitchen and make this a blog mostly about food and healthy living again.

Thanks for hearing me out on this one! I hope you’ll join me!



Monday Madness

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I’ve been going crazy lately with chasing after our 19 month-old. The thing is, I’m grateful that our temporary apartment is paid for during this move, BUT it is NOT CHILD-SAFE!!!

I’m spending most of my day to keep the little man out of trouble, and we already had quite a few bumps and bruises in the past 3 weeks. Not fun. Plus, it’s exhausting for me to always be the bad cop, telling him “No, that’s dangerous” etc. It’s tiring.

In addition to the new apartment and running after a curious little explorer, my significant other isn’t home much. He has to work late, goes to the store during our son’s bed-time, etc. so all of the toddler stuff falls on me. Yes, I’m grateful to be able to stay at home with our son, but I’m telling you I need a break, and quite truthfully I always thought the two guys would be spending much more time together. For some reason, I always need to be around.

It’s time to let go.

This mama needs some room to breathe. Take a yoga class, go for a run, get a pedicure, whatever. I’m not asking for a full-time nanny. Just an hour every couple of days.

As my son is napping and recovering from a fall off of the arm chair, I’m trying to take a few breaths just for me.

And possibly I’m going to order this summery polka-dot top from Nordstrom.

Pleione Sleeveless Knit Top

Fellow toddler-mamas: How do you keep yourself sane? Childcare? A husband that helps out? Retail therapy?


California Adventures

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Hey Friends, long time no see!

How are you doing?

We’ve had some big life changes lately, which is the reason why I’ve gone missing from the blogosphere in recent weeks. If you follow me on the blog or twitter, you already know that we moved to Southern California a couple of weeks ago.

Yep, we’re officially beach bums now!

So far we’ve made a few trips to get to know the area from Downtown San Diego (Gaslamp Quarter & Embarcadero), to the coastal neighborhoods from La Jolla to Oceanside. Also checked out a few stores, the beach and a few parks in our new neighborhood.

Oh, and then there’s the weather. No more rain boots for this mama, oh yeah! :D

This is our new (although temporary) neighborhood:

Now we’re just trying to figure out our new California life here in San Diego, and hopefully I’ll be able to share some more of our shenanigans on the blog soon.

Things I’m especially excited about:

  • Sunshine!
  • Beaches and parks
  • A gym membership – we toured one this morning and the little guy loved the child care area! Everybody wins!
  • Yoga! Good thing San Diego is filled with yoga studios! Hope I can find something for downward facing toddlers, too! :)
  • Shopping – oh, the opportunities are endless! Everything from cheap to high end!
  • New fun foodie finds, such as Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter that I’ve been stalking from Canada on other food blogs since it first appeared:
  • fresh, local, organic produce (we’re hoping to join a CSA) and farmers markets
Is there something I forgot? Probably.
Anyway, I really hope you join me on my new California adventures and come back here soon. I’m planning to be back posting 1 – 2 x a week, but I just needed some time to take it all in.
And if you are from Southern California or have been here, please leave a comment or shoot me an email with any tips you might have about family fun, food, fun neighborhoods to explore, etc . I’d love to hear from you!
xo, Susan
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