Hangin’ out in the hood…

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Hi friends, how are you?

I missed yoga class today. :(

I’ve been looking forward to my yoga practice all week, but I ended up not going yesterday, because the little guy got his 4-month shots the day before and was still a little grumpy. And today I didn’t feel to good. I’ve been dizzy this morning (and still am…) and decided it’s probably best not to do any downward facing dogs, in favour of my spinning head, so I canceled today’s class.

When I realized at some point that I was starving and we had no food at home (well, nothing that can be thrown together in a jiffy…), I got dressed and bundled the little guy up in his stroller to go out and get some fresh air (I thought it would help with the dizziness – and it did for a while) and some food.

We walked to our local grocery store to pick up a couple of things and then decided to try out the bakery across the street from the store. BJ Bakery is quite small, but they have some delicious looking cakes and pastries, as well as bread. I got a cappuccino (they use organic coffee!) and the lady gave me a slice of date and walnut cake to try, since I told her it was my first visit . :)

Cappuccino and Date Loaf

There is also a small selection of Eastern European (I think Polish) foods. I don’t know why I never tried it, because I’ve been living in this area for three years now.

Anyway, I’m back home, the little guy is napping and I’m still starving. Time for one of those frozen burritos (I find them delicious and disgusting at the same time)…

My veggies aren't really grey… webcam photo and no lighting = nasty looking food, haha!

… and some catching up on the blog world. One of my favourite fitness/health bloggers, the Fitnessista, just had her baby girl and there seems to be a blog-world baby fever going on right now, because I just realized how many of the girls, whose fitness/health/food blogs I’m reading, either had a baby in the last while or are currently pregnant (there’s Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point, Heather from Heather’s Dish, and Sabrina from RhodeyGirlTests, just to name a few). And then there’s me, too. ;)

Question for you: Have you ever discovered new local spots after living somewhere for a while? Do you usually stick to places you know or do you try and check out new spots? I usually give most places that are new to me a try, which is why I’m wondering why it never occurred to me to try this neighbourhood bakery. I guess I never spent too much time in my neighbourhood before having the little guy.

Alright, gotta finish my food, before my son wakes up!

xo, Susan

October Randomness

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Hey Friends! How have you been? I’ve been busy! And I wish, there was more of this:

I am working this coming Saturday, so unfortunately I will miss the farmers market. :-(

But maybe the tomato fairy will deliver some of those beautiful heirlooms, while I will be hard at work? I hope it’s still season.

I’m also hoping for some more chanterelles, and this lovely beer bread from Whistler’s Pure bakery – yum!

The past weeks were kind of chaotic, diet-wise. I’ve been craving unhealthy foods lately, mostly salty snacks like chips, etc. *sigh* According to the scale, my weight is still the same, but I don’t feel good about my eats. Also, I’ve been very lazy on the exercise front! I’m trying to bring my gym stuff with me, so I can go after class, but if I’m also carrying 2 gazillion books around, I just don’t feel like lugging a whole bunch more – I’m using public transportation, by the way! Any ideas, fellow commuters? I’m seriously considering renting a locker, so that I can just leave my gym stuff there. I’ve also tried just going to class in my gym clothes, so a) I don’t have to change into them at the gym, and b) I don’t have to stuff my smelly runners together with my books. Ok, I guess I should stop looking for excuses and just go!

Today’s eats were, as mentioned above pretty random.

  • Breakfast: Banana, OJ
  • In lieu of a snack, I went to Starbuck’s: Grande Nonfat Coffee Misto
  • Lunch: small salad (from the salad bar)
  • Snack: Vegan Donut (using this awesome recipe)

  • Linner: 1/2 stuffed pita pocket (with roasted pepper marinara sauce, mushrooms, cheddar), and 1/2 cup spicy lentil dal (from my freezer)

  • Dessert: Banana, halved, topped with 1 tsp. almond butter and raw cocoa nibs, and then popped in the freezer for 10¬†minutes -¬†yum!

Don’t say I haven’t warned ya! And now I have to think what to make for the hungry man for his dinner/my snack, read my book for class, read more for more classes, do laundry, pack my yoga stuff for tomorow, and then eventually catch some ZZZ’s!

See you next time!


Beautiful Berries

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In the past week I have been snacking on these beauties:

My favourite blackberry combo consists of fresh blackberries and nectarines, greek yogurt, and some maple sirup – mmmmhhhh!