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Monday Mojo

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Hey friends, hope you had a fabulous weekend!

Lately I feel like our weekends are so busy, I need the whole Monday to catch up on life.

We walked so much in the past 2 days, my feet really deserve their pedicure, which I promised them before the Sun Run. ;) We always walk a lot, but for some reason this weekend was tough on my feet. I guess I’ve been wearing the wrong shoes. As much as everyone loves TOM’s, (yes, they are stylish and comfy), I guess they’re not meant for long walks. Mine are also worn out already – after only a few weeks. :( I don’t think I’ll buy them again, because the price tag is a bit steep for something that won’t even last.


In addition to the walking, there were errands and appointments, and we took our son to his first scuba diving swim class and also had a delicious brunch at Cafe Medina. I’ve been wanting to try this pace for a long time and one of our friends suggested going there.


Cassoulet: Baked beans, sausage, bacon and two eggs sunny side up


Saumon Fumé: One half of a ciabatta with smoked salmon and caper cream cheese and an egg sunny side up…


… and the other half with the cream cheese spread and topped with arugula and grape tomatoes


Waffles with Salted Caramel topping (I had Milk Chocolate Lavender, which was more lavendery than I had hoped for)

I was exhausted by the time I got home on Sunday evening and I had no plans to do anything other than hang out with the little guy, take a hot bath and snuggle up in front of the TV – which if course did not happen… ;)

Fast forward to today: I spent the morning ‘cooking’ baby food (peeling a million steamed peas and smashing them…) and then feeding the little guy (peas everywhere!!!) and cleaning the kitchen, but it doesn’t even look like it. Sometimes the only thing to get your mojo back is a giant sandwich and liquid gold aka. CYONI freshly pressed organic orange juice.

A Bread Affair Whole Grain bread with avocado, gruyere, lettuce and tomatoes and orange juice

The juice is definitely a splurge ($4.99 for 1L), but I know I’m supporting a local business and CYONI also supports youth by giving them an opportunity to gain first work experience. They even deliver within Greater Vancouver!!!

Off to eat my sandwich before someone wakes up!



Food Truck Lunch: Arturos Mexico To Go

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Hi all! How’s it going?

I’ve been running some paperwork errands last Friday, and I was done when it was around lunchtime. Remembering that I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet (getting out of the house to make it to appointments with a 3-month old can be tricky… ;) ), I decided to grab something on the way home. Just as I was thinking about my imaginary lunch and remembering my trouble with making  food decisions, I walked past Arturo’s Mexico To Go Food Truck, close to Vancouver’s Waterfront Station (where I was headed).

This was perfect, as I had always wanted to check out Vancouver’s Food Trucks that have popped up all over the city this past year. I picked the Burrito Salad Bowl with Tinga Chicken (from their menu: “marinated with smoked jalapeño, roasted guajillo & stewed tomatoes”). When I was asked what I wanted on, I couldn’t see the options, so when the lady asked if I wanted everything, I just said yes. This meant rice and beans, salad, mozzarella AND goat cheese, fried (I think?) onions, sour cream, and guacamole. The take-out box was filled generously (I was full after half) and for $8.50 you might even get some leftovers, or you can share it with a friend.

Burrito Salad Bowl

The only complaint would be the skimpy scoop of guacamole. It looked like it was less than a teaspoon. While I was waiting for my food to be prepared, I was chatting with one of the people (the owner maybe?) about my 3-month old, who was sleeping contently in his stroller, completely unfazed by the cold. I’ve noticed a lot of people are starting a conversation just to check out the little guy. (>>> proud mama :D )

Anyway, I enjoyed my lunch with a side of Starbucks and sunshine.

Gingerbread Latte (are you really surprised? ;-) ), OJ and Burrito Salad Bowl

Verdict: I’ll definitely go back, but probably will customize a little more, now that I know what they’re offering (more salad, less rice, no sour cream, no cheese, extra guacamole) and I’ll have it SPICY instead!

If you’re traveling to Vancouver, be sure to give the food trucks (including Arturo’s) a try on a sunny day. Just grab some and find a bench along the New Convention Centre around the corner, stuff yourself and enjoy the view!

Other interesting options:

The Juice Truck

Loving Hut Express

Finest at Sea

Vancouverites, have you tried any of these food trucks? If yes, what are your favourites?

Raw Experience

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Hey friends, how are you?

While running a few Christmas errands, I was able to persuade my better half to try out some exciting food for dinner: raw and vegan!

Tucked away in an industrial area behind the Olympic Village, Organic Lives is a catering service that also has a restaurant, which serves raw, vegan dishes and fresh juices and smoothies close to Vancouver’s busy Main Street. The atmosphere is not too fancy, a few tables and a take-out counter, and when you first enter the room, you might think you are in a tropical rain forest form all the humidity. It is also quite noisy form all the equipment, but you can watch the chefs prepare the food through a glass wall.  The friendly service and delicious food, however, definitely make up for it!

We started with the Mexi-Rolls, and while we waited we got some kale chips to try.

Kale chips – I might have forgotten to rotate the photo…

 Mexi-Roll close up – sorry for the blurry pic, but I still do not have a camera. I think I could eat this as an entree. Yum!

For the main dish I had the Sicilian Wrap Combo and the Mr. had the Zucchini Pasta. Both dishes were good, but I  still think the Mexi-Rolls were better.

For some reason I expected the Zucchini Pasta to be a little warmed up, but they were COLD! No big deal, but just a little unexpected (well, not really, we KNEW we were at a RAW foods restaurant). As far as I know, though, raw food can be served warm, as long as it’s not heated above 105° F/40° C. Our dishes were not, but they do have a Chili that I would love to try out one day.

We also left some room for this:

Christmas ‘Nog’ Pie

“The Ridiculous” Chocolate Ganache Pie 

The “Ridiculous” really was ridiculously good! I will definitely have to try and recreate this at some point. I really enjoyed the food at Organic Lives, and there are a few dishes (including the Chili and Macaroons) that I will have to try. If you are eating a raw and vegan diet, or if you feel like fresh veggies, salads and juices, this is definitely worth a try, if you are in the area. I will absolutely be back!

Anyways, I have to try and finish some things off my to-do list. See ya later,