3 Months Postpartum Update

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I can’t believe it’s been over 3 months already! Time for a quick update…

Baby: Our little guy is growing, smiling, cooing, looking at his hands, waving them, grabbing things, I could go on and on… His head support is getting better every day. He has almost tripled his birth weight (which was only 4lbs/1.9kg) and he has grown about 12 cm/4.75 inches. Actually he has just outgrown his xs-size Fuzzibunz cloth diapers (and the newborn-size Grovia a few weeks ago!). His Bummis TinyFits still fit, but we are gradually moving on to EasyFits right now.

Although I can still button it around his waist, the rise of the xs-size Fuzzibunz is now too low and it started to leak. Time to graduate to the next size up/one size!

He is still exclusively breastfed, but he has now started sleeping longer stretches at night – up to 4.5 hours. But since we’re co-sleeping, it makes those nighttime feedings a breeze (move baby to breast – latch baby on – nurse baby – let baby fall asleep at the breast – sleep another couple of hours – start over again…). :) I know, there are different opinions regarding all parenting choices, including breastfeeding, co-sleeping, babywearing, cloth-diapering, etc. It may not be everybody’s choice, but that’s what works for us right now.

Anyway, he’s such a good baby. The only thing he does not like too much, is tummy time. He is pushing himself up, though, so I guess it’s just a matter of time before he’s gonna start rolling over from tummy to back. Gotta work those arm and neck muscles, little guy! He also started drooling and chewing on his fists, so he is about to start teething!

Mommy: I love being a mom. This might be due to the fact that I have such a great baby! :D We were a little scared in the very beginning, because he was so tiny. But I think both his daddy and I have adjusted quite well to parenthood – so far. As far as weight loss is concerned, I have no idea where I’m at, because I haven’t had a chance to go to the gym (to use their scale…) yet. When I stepped on a scale in a store a few weeks ago, I was 5lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight (fully clothed), but I suspect that the scale might have been completely off. I do, however, fit in my pre-pregnancy jeans (I did after coming home from the hospital – with a muffin top ;-) ) and the weight is not really an issue either, since I didn’t gain much during my pregnancy (but the flab is…). I just hope that my yoga sessions and daily walks help with me tone up a little more. It’s really just not high up on my priorities list. Honestly, right after our little man was born, I even missed my big round belly. Sometimes I still find it hard to believe that I went from looking like this…

36 weeks pregnant – a week before he was born!

… to looking at my handsome little guy every day:

This picture was snapped when he was 7 weeks old.

Food: I finally started making my own food again most of the time. There was just no way I would have been standing in the kitchen cooking in those first weeks. We had lots of take-out, delivery, and frozen food. By now I’m craving veggies and fruit like crazy! Even my sandwiches are topped with mixed lettuce…

Which leads me to a question for you: How do you eat healthy and how do you manage to eat your fruit and veggies, if you just don’t have the time to wash, peel, chop, etc.? I love the pre-chopped veggies and fruit from Whole Foods, but it’s not very close to where I live, so I don’t get it very often. Any other suggestions? Any experience with frozen produce? Any time-savers to share?

Workouts: Other than daily walks and twice-weekly yoga sessions, I’ve only been running once in three months. While I would love to go to the gym for a class, our schedule doesn’t allow it right now and I think the little man is still a little too small for the gym’s childcare.  Luckily, one of my favourite fitness bloggers (who is also going to have her first baby in a few weeks) just posted a link to a quick cardio workout video she made last year. While I usually try not to run/dance at home (I feel bad for our downstairs neighbours…) I am going to give this a try later today together with these yoga moves for flat abs.

So altogether, we are doing great. Motherhood is such a different experience, but from all the adventures we’ve embarked on in the past few years (including moving to a different country), this has been the best one so far!

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Pregnancy: 3rd Trimester Recap

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Hey everyone,

Welcome to my 3rd Trimester recap! Of course, I didn’t manage to write this post before our little guy arrived. ;-)

This is my belly at 32 weeks – it's always been quite low!

Many people commented on how small my belly was during my pregnancy, and we now know why. An ultrasound showed that our little man was on the very small side, so I had to be induced right away. Things went in a different direction that what I was hoping for during my entire pregnancy (natural, unmedicated birth) and after the induction failed, our boy was finally delivered via c-section.

But this is not my birth story. It’s the 3rd trimester recap! So here’s what we did in these last few months:

We bought and assembled our stroller.

Uppababy Vista

Sorry for the dark pic, but we have no sun in our apartment until late in the afternoon.

I love the Uppababy Vista stroller, because it comes with a bassinet (which our little guy loves too!). We decided against a travel system, because we were told that you shouldn’t be using the car seat for more than 45 minutes at a time because it is not good for baby’s back. And we don’t want to lift a sleeping baby out and wake him up, if we don’t have to. Besides, we don’t have a car, so we don’t need a super advanced travel system. However, we still had to buy the car seat, otherwise the hospital wouldn’t let us leave.

In the last months, we also stocked up on a few more baby things (clothes, disposable diapers, a bunch of cloth diapers to try, blankets, etc).

Some of the Baby things… How do you like our Crab?

We still needed a whole bunch of stuff, like towels, receiving/swaddling blankets (I love the Aden & Anais Muslin Wraps), nursing supplies, bedding, etc. and I still felt completely unprepared.

But altogether, my last trimester was great, just as my entire pregnancy! I was a little stressed out due to work and courses, but managed to sneak in one to two weekly prenatal yoga sessions and lots of walking. I did, however, not gain a lot of weight. No weird cravings, except a daily dose of  ice-cream (for calcium, right ;-) ).

I do remember an emotional breakdown (there were several…) after I bought my Moby Wrap. I wanted to buy the blue wrap so badly, but up here in Canada, it’s a little trickier to get. I don’t like ordering things online, because Canada Post takes forever or loses things – like a book that I ordered in May. Feeding the Bump was supposed to help me figure out to meet nutritional needs for Baby and me during pregnancy. Now it’s September, Baby’s here, but the book still hasn’t arrived and most likely never will. Anyway, back to the wrap. I finally found one in a colour that I like (moss), bought it, brought it home, only to figure out that it had an owl printed on the front!!! It’s cute and all, but not for me. I wanted the simple moss-greenish wrap, which already was a compromise in lack of the blue one (which I couldn’t find anywhere!). Oh, the tears! Poor daddy-to-be had to listen to my complaints and whining for quite a while. Luckily I went to a different store the next week and found the moss coloured wrap, and the best thing was that it was even $10 cheaper! :P

Apart from being emotional I loved being pregnant and I’m amazed at what the human body is capable of – creating another human being! I hope you enjoyed reading this post. See you soon with updates on life and the return of healthy eating – I have not cooked once since Baby has arrived and I truly miss veggies! If you feel like reading more, you can also check out my First and Second Trimester recaps.

Take care, good luck and happy pregnancies to all other mamas and mamas-to-be out there,


Pregnancy: 2nd Trimester Recap

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Welcome to my 2nd trimester (weeks 14 – 27) recap! After a great 1st trimester I was really excited for the time to come. I still felt great, no complaints. One major change is that I switched to a midwife. Nothing against my family doctor, she is great, but I just felt more comfortable in the care of a midwife, who would be there with me to deliver my baby (which my doctor doesn’t do), and I like the fact that midwifes are more supportive of a woman’s choice in pregnancy and labour. I was also hoping for a water birth, but there is only one hospital (BC Women’s Hospital) in Vancouver, which allows this and you need to be living directly in Vancouver (no suburbanites, unless high risk). I am now registered at a hospital, where they at least have tubs to labour in. I really like my midwife, and it is such a difference, having appointments that last 30 to 45 minutes, instead of 5 minutes at my family doctor.

Food: I started slacking a bit in the breakfast department. School was coming to an end and I was always in a rush, so I often had a banana and granola bar on the go. But mainly I tried to prepare steel-cut oats the night before and the just heat them in the morning for a quick breakfast. I also had a lot of these lunch combos:

Bernoulli's Bagels – Soup and Organic Multigrain Bagel

Dinner was usually pretty awesome, because we had visitors, so we went out a lot, but we also had lots of BBQ’s at home. Some things included steak, seafood, salmon, lots of veggies, and Cheesecake Factory in Seattle (which is standard, every time we are there… why can’t they open one in Vancouver??? I’ll stop by every week, I promise…).

Cheesecake Factory

Cravings: I hadn’t really had any cravings in my first trimester, so it really was fun, when I woke up one day and all I wanted was cold milk. I normally don’t drink milk (except in coffee), so I went to our local store and bought a 4 liter jug of organic 1% milk, to make sure I get the good stuff from happy cows without the added hormones and medication. It was gone after 4 days! I also started craving orange juice. And ice cream… it began with Haagen-Dazs Mayan Chocolate, and went to Haagen-Dazs Caramel Almond Crunch bars.

Fitness: My fitness focus really switched to prenatal yoga. In this trimester I went at least once a week, but sometimes up to three times. I also still did Zumba and lots of walking but stopped going to the gym, because a) I needed to buy another class package and I wanted to actually go swimming in the summer (which wasn’t happening thanks to our rainy/cloudy/chilly summer…) and b) I was busy and preferred to relax and recover on my days off.

Weight gain: about 5 lbs/2.3 kg total during the second trimester (which is perfectly fine for me according to my midwife –no, I am not overweight, nor obese – not all women gain the “standard” 30lbs during pregnancy).

Belly at 22 Weeks

Highlights: Visits from family, a trip to Seattle, more prenatal appointments and listening to Baby’s heartbeat, feeling Baby move, ultrasounds and finding out our Baby is a little BOY!

Stay tuned for my third trimester update, Baby purchases, and finally, more funky food!

Take care and see you soon,