Monday Madness

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I’ve been going crazy lately with chasing after our 19 month-old. The thing is, I’m grateful that our temporary apartment is paid for during this move, BUT it is NOT CHILD-SAFE!!!

I’m spending most of my day to keep the little man out of trouble, and we already had quite a few bumps and bruises in the past 3 weeks. Not fun. Plus, it’s exhausting for me to always be the bad cop, telling him “No, that’s dangerous” etc. It’s tiring.

In addition to the new apartment and running after a curious little explorer, my significant other isn’t home much. He has to work late, goes to the store during our son’s bed-time, etc. so all of the toddler stuff falls on me. Yes, I’m grateful to be able to stay at home with our son, but I’m telling you I need a break, and quite truthfully I always thought the two guys would be spending much more time together. For some reason, I always need to be around.

It’s time to let go.

This mama needs some room to breathe. Take a yoga class, go for a run, get a pedicure, whatever. I’m not asking for a full-time nanny. Just an hour every couple of days.

As my son is napping and recovering from a fall off of the arm chair, I’m trying to take a few breaths just for me.

And possibly I’m going to order this summery polka-dot top from Nordstrom.

Pleione Sleeveless Knit Top

Fellow toddler-mamas: How do you keep yourself sane? Childcare? A husband that helps out? Retail therapy?


Random Act Of Kindness

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Hey Friends! How are you?

I have a really, really nice story to share with you.

Last Sunday something strange but wonderful happened to us. We went for brunch to Denny’s (yes, that Denny’s). While I usually try and eat healthy most of the time, there are days, when the least thing you want to do is cook and then clean the kitchen. Denny’s is just a few blocks walking distance away, so that’s what we decided on.

Easy. Yes. Greasy. Yes. But sometimes that’s just what I need. And a milkshake. :)

We were eating, while entertaining our son and then we eventually let him walk around the restaurant (which was half empty).

I have no problem going to restaurants with our little man and he’s been to countless places sine he was born, from cheap hole-in-the-walls, to fast food outlets, to overpriced fancy(-ish) restaurants. We go out to eat at least once a week. Our philosophy is that we are a family, and we don’t want to keep our son from sharing this experience with us, just because he is still small. But that requires us, mommy and daddy, to keep everyone in this little family of ours happy, including entertaining our son during dinners, lunches and brunches out. Entertaining = talking, playing, pointing to the lamps (a favourite!), and when patience is running out, we let him walk around for a little while.

I’m not a believer of the “children are to be seen, but not to be heard” philosophy. Children are human beings and are part of our society, just like adults and seniors, and people of any age in between. And, yes, sometimes they are louder than adults. Sometimes they aren’t. Should we keep them away from public spaces until they are able to be quiet? I don’t think so. But that’s our family’s philosophy. Yours might be different.

Anyway, as we were eating and playing, an elderly couple walked up to us and congratulated us on our little family, and told us that we are doing a great job. Oh, and then the man mentioned that they payed for our food! They gave us a hug and left.

What? I couldn’t believe what just happened! This lovely gesture definitely made our day! It really wasn’t about having our food paid or saving money, really. It was more of a gesture to share kindness and acknowledgement, as well as encouragement.

This couple reminded me to appreciate the moment, enjoy life, and most of all, to be kind to others and grateful for what I have.

Were you ever on the receiving end of a random act of kindness? Or have you done something similar yourself?


Babywearing: What carrier to choose?

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When I was pregnant with our little guy I decided that I would definitely wear my baby. He can snuggle up close and feel safe, while I have two free hands.

Towards the end of my pregnancy I bought a Moby wrap, which I and the little guy love, so far. It’s sometimes a little time-consuming to put on, but since he was so tiny when he was born, I have the feeling that he especially enjoyed snuggling up tightly. I’m really glad I had it from the very beginning, although we got our doctor’s approval first, since Moby recommends introducing it at 8 lbs (I think our son was around 5 lbs when we first carried him in the wrap).

A co-worker also gave me a sling, which is super convenient for quick trips or around the house. I don’t like using it for longer periods of time though, simply because the little guy seems a little scrunched up in there and I constantly find myself checking on him to see that he can breathe. We usually keep it in the stroller, so when we’re out and about and I have stuff to carry home (we have no car) I can put him in there if he doesn’t like to be in the stroller or likes to be carried.

baby sling

At 3 months old, my son’s head control is getting much better and he enjoys being carried while looking out front. So I was in the market for a baby carrier. Up until a little while ago, I really wanted to purchase an Ergo, simply because I believed that babies shouldn’t face out because they can get overstimulated and the facing-out position is not good for babies’ spine or hips. I was going to order an Ergo when I was still pregnant. Turns out, our little guy enjoys facing out – a lot.

In the past few weeks I was weighing my options. I thought that a Babybjörn would be the only option for a forward facing carrier, but I was told and read that the Björn causes back and shoulder pain for the parents, due to the lack of a waist belt. And since the Ergo, despite being super comfy, does not have a forward-facing option, neither of these two carriers were going to work for me. I wanted a comfortable (for me and baby), organic cotton if possible, multi-position baby carrier, with the option of facing out.

Turns out that Babybjörn has recently released the Comfort model for babies that are at least 3 months or 13lbs. It has a hip or waist belt and gives parents the option of wearing their little ones for a longer time, because the weight is being distributed better. But due to the big name, it also comes with a huge pricetag ($219). If I could, I probably would try it on and possibly even buy it. At this time it’s just a little too pricey for me, though!

Luckily I stumbled upon the Beco Gemini carrier on Green Mommy Blog. I had been reading her blog for a while and because of her baby carrier review I actually became aware of the Gemini.

Beco Gemini Baby Carrier

When I went to the store to try it on, I immediately loved it. The shoulder straps can be crossed over in the back, which makes it easy to put on. It is made out of organic cotton, so I don’t have to worry that the little guy is ingesting harmful chemicals when chewing on it (side note: I might get the drooling pads for it, when I need them). It was an extra bonus, that certain colours were on sale. There weren’t many left to choose from, so we picked the “Aiden” ( I would have loved the black “Foxie“, though… but no biggie). So far, both baby and I like it. And although I’ve only let him face out for a few minutes at home (he’s still a little small for it and can’t quite look over the edge yet…), I’m excited that I have the possibility for later. Right now, he’s facing in when we use it, and that works pretty well for us.

Our little guy in his Beco Gemini (sorry, my hand is in the way…) ;)

The verdict: I would definitely recommend the Beco Gemini, but I would really have to try the other carriers in order to compare them better. The Babybjörn looks sturdier and the Ergo definitely was comfortable in the store, so who knows, maybe we will have a look at another carrier in the future. The Gemini, however, combines comfort, ease of putting on, organic cotton and multiple carrying positions, including letting the baby face out. All of this convinced us to get this one instead of the other carriers.

Do you wear your baby? Have you tried the Beco Gemini? What is your most important feature for a baby carrier?