October Randomness

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Hey Friends! How have you been? I’ve been busy! And I wish, there was more of this:

I am working this coming Saturday, so unfortunately I will miss the farmers market. :-(

But maybe the tomato fairy will deliver some of those beautiful heirlooms, while I will be hard at work? I hope it’s still season.

I’m also hoping for some more chanterelles, and this lovely beer bread from Whistler’s Pure bakery – yum!

The past weeks were kind of chaotic, diet-wise. I’ve been craving unhealthy foods lately, mostly salty snacks like chips, etc. *sigh* According to the scale, my weight is still the same, but I don’t feel good about my eats. Also, I’ve been very lazy on the exercise front! I’m trying to bring my gym stuff with me, so I can go after class, but if I’m also carrying 2 gazillion books around, I just don’t feel like lugging a whole bunch more – I’m using public transportation, by the way! Any ideas, fellow commuters? I’m seriously considering renting a locker, so that I can just leave my gym stuff there. I’ve also tried just going to class in my gym clothes, so a) I don’t have to change into them at the gym, and b) I don’t have to stuff my smelly runners together with my books. Ok, I guess I should stop looking for excuses and just go!

Today’s eats were, as mentioned above pretty random.

  • Breakfast: Banana, OJ
  • In lieu of a snack, I went to Starbuck’s: Grande Nonfat Coffee Misto
  • Lunch: small salad (from the salad bar)
  • Snack: Vegan Donut (using this awesome recipe)

  • Linner: 1/2 stuffed pita pocket (with roasted pepper marinara sauce, mushrooms, cheddar), and 1/2 cup spicy lentil dal (from my freezer)

  • Dessert: Banana, halved, topped with 1 tsp. almond butter and raw cocoa nibs, and then popped in the freezer for 10 minutes - yum!

Don’t say I haven’t warned ya! And now I have to think what to make for the hungry man for his dinner/my snack, read my book for class, read more for more classes, do laundry, pack my yoga stuff for tomorow, and then eventually catch some ZZZ’s!

See you next time!


Stink-Eye Alert

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Today I will be sharing the story of my Wednesday, that started so well and ended in hell… Ok, I’m being a little overdramatic here, but wait after you finish reading and then you tell me: What is wrong with people?

I like the way, my day started: I had the day off, went downtown, did some shopping, etc. etc., you know, the usual stuff, that you do when you’re off, I suppose. Then I walked home, listening to the sound of some Ugg boots being dragged on the ground behind me for like 5 minutes – ok, not a biggie, but LIFT YOUR FEET! :mad:

Was I irritated at this point? No, not yet, just wondering, why people don’t walk properly. Then, I was standing in front of the entrance door to our building, while looking for my keys, together with a guy waiting for someone inside to open the door. Then someone actually came, opened the door, let that waiting person in, and then slammed the door right in my face, as I was standing there, with my two heavy grocery bags, and the key in my hand – WHO DOES THAT??? :evil:

My “Thank You!!!” that I basically yelled through the closed door remained unanswered. So what did I do, you ask? I walked in, with my key, waited in front of the elevator (which the idiots took as well), and gave them the stink-eye! Serious stink-eye!

I was starving after all that neighbourly terror, so I made myself some linner (lunch+dinner) and popped open a bottle of vino that miraculously found its way in the fridge (thank you, anonymous wine buyer ;-) ):

Spelt Bread from the farmer’s market, with Earth Balance, Gruyere and Heirloom Tomatoes, with a side of Concordia Grapes (yum – they taste like blueberries), ice water, and a much needed glass of vino (which will be refilled shortly!).

Sorry about the negative energy, but I just had to get this out of my system. I’m gonna refill my vino and do some studying, while hoping that the people upstairs won’t bust out their tunes with their loud bass as usual…

Take care,


I’m curious, though… What do you think, did that idiot in my house do the right thing, by not letting someone in the front door (with fricking heavy grocery bags, that I always bring if I want to break into a building???), or is she a fricking *$#^&!(@*?