Getting Ready for Summer

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Hi friends, how are you?
This whole car-centered lifestyle in the California is getting me into deep trouble here! Last year I posted my spring fitness plans to motivate a healthy lifestyle – umm not happening right now. :/
1) We’re driving EVERYWHERE! :( I used to walk to everything (grocery shopping, errands, etc) or take transit and as a result I was in much better shape just a mere 4 weeks ago. Then we arrived in Suburbia – and the pounds are piling on… Needless to say I am less than happy with myself! 2) Delicious food. Enough said.
With less of my time spent walking around (although I’m still chasing after a busy toddler all day), I’m making it an extra effort to schedule workouts for the coming week, for both family coordination and motivation.
This is how it went last week:
  • Monday: 40 min walk/run
  • Tuesday: Off
  • Wednesday: Off (walked around in the Botanic Garden for 2.5 hours…)
  • Thursday: Barre
  • Friday: Off (sore from Barre)/ dip in the pool while pushing the little guy around in his float
  • Saturday: Off (still sore)
  • Sunday: 1 hour hike/walk in our local ‘back country’
Not too bad, although I would love to sweat a little more.

Here’s the plan for this week’s workouts:

  • Monday: Family Evening Hike/Walk 1 hour (done!)
  • Tuesday: Zumba
  • Wednesday: Off
  • Thursday: Barre class
  • Friday: Off
  • Saturday: Yoga
  • Sunday: Family Hike

Hope I can stick to it!

Off to enjoy the park and then Zumba!

Do you plan your workouts or play by ear? Also, do you do at-home workouts and if yes, how do you like them? I’m just never in the right mindset, trying to bust out some exercises in my living room, but maybe I should simply give it a try. If you can recommend any DVDs, feel free to leave a comment and let me know!


Laying Low

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Hey friends! Sorry for being MIA last week.

We had a visitor all the way from Sweden (our son’s grandpa farfar). We got stuck in a whole bunch of shenanigans, so there was simply no time left to blog. :-o

Shocking, I know!

We’ve been fed and entertained, and just enjoyed hanging out.

And we ate. A lot. Indian at Saffron, Pasta, Noodle Box, more Indian, Burgers, Malaysian at Banana Leaf and lots of Häagen-Dazs. Oh my!

And I have no time to exercise and burn these calories, because I really should be using every free minute to catch up on my coursework. I have a feeling I won’t be getting any exercise in until this semester is over. Instead, I have to try and at least eat healthy.

Here’s the food plan for the next few [busy] weeks, in order to keep energy levels up and snack cravings down:

Laying low with (refined, white) carbs, focus on whole, unprocessed foods, add more protein and healthy fats.

*Daily cheat treat allowed* ;)

Breakfast ideas: Green Smoothies (with avocado for healthy fats, spinach for fibre and iron), Oatmeal (with lots of fruit), Coffee, Eggs (omelette, boiled or scramble), yogurt, granola and fruit

quickie breakfast

Lunch ideas: Grilled Cheese and Greens (add kale or spinach, use tasty cheese, but less of it), big salads, leftovers on greens (Funky Bowls anyone?), Spicy Black Bean Soup

Slow Cooker Spicy Black Bean Soup

Dinner ideas: Chili, Split Pea Soup, Pasta Bolognese (small portion with a big side salad), potatoes & quark (German fresh cheese, low in fat, high in protein, so good with fresh herbs like parsley, dill and onions), salmon and asparagus

Nothing beats fresh salmon!

Snacks: Here’s where I usually fail. Do you have any easy and quick snack ideas (please don’t say hard-boiled eggs – I like them, but get bored easily). Fresh fruit, cheese, yogurt, anything else? Is there anything I can prepare for a week or a few days? I need some inspiration…

Gotta go and catch up on my readings with a glass of wine – because I study better with it, ha!


Keeping Up with Life & Last Week’s Snacks

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Hey everyone!

Hope you’re having a great weekend. We’ve been having a blast so far! Went for a little walk yesterday, followed by Indian food (Chicken Madrasi for me) and going to baby swim class today.

So here’s just a tiny little recap of last weeks favourite eats and drinks:

  1. #smoothieaday in May

    blackberries, banana, Bolthouse Farms vanilla chai smoothie (undrinkable on its own…)

  2. Terra Breads Olympic Village

    Olive focaccia – looks like pepperoni, but it's vegetarian, I promise… :) – enjoyed with a view

  3. The return of yogurt!!! I haven’t eaten much dairy products for a long, long time, simply because I find the production of dairy products scary (with the exception of my cave aged Gruyere or Cambozola of course, but those come from happy Swiss and German cows). I don’t know where it’s from or what goes in it and for me it was easier to skip dairy for the most part. Almond milk is my favourite non-dairy milk and that’s what usually goes into my coffee or cereal. I’ve made the switch to organic milk about two years ago, for those times when I actually do have cows milk (and when I was pregnant last year I went through a 4 liter jar per week for a few weeks there – baby needed the extra calcium, right ;) ). For some strange reason I really felt like yogurt this past week, so I bought a container of plain Nancy’s organic yogurt, enjoyed with cereal and fresh organic strawberries…

    Nancy's plain organic nonfat yogurt, fresh organic strawberries and kamut puffs

    Yogurt is actually a really healthy food, providing not only calcium and protein, but also promoting intestinal health and being beneficial for the immune system, by providing important probiotics. According to Dr. Sears, when eating yogurt while taking antibiotics, “the live bacterial cultures in yogurt can help replenish the intestines with helpful bacteria before the harmful ones take over” (Source).

    Keep in mind, though, that flavoured yogurts can often contain artificial colours, sweeteners (can be natural, such as pectin but often artificial) and other additives, such as preservatives. Buying plain yogurt is a great choice if you can flavour it yourself with fresh fruit to eliminate added sugar, and organic dairy products do not contain artificial growth hormones or antibiotics, so these steps can eliminate a whole bunch of possibly harmful chemicals and substances in our diets.

Ok, enough with the preaching, and out to the pool!

What were your favourite snacks last week? Are you having a #smoothieaday in May?

See you soon,