Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

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It’s been a loooong time since my last WIAW post, but we’re finally starting to settle in to our new place. We’re still living amid unpacked boxes, but at least the kitchen is functional now, even though the layout is horrible.

Thanks to Jenn for hosting the What I Ate Wednesday blog party!

June’s theme is sensible snacking, but I’m still having trouble, preparing ahead. I am getting better though. Here are today’s eats (and a fun announcement all the way at the end of the post):

Breakfast: Steel cut oats , cinnamon, apple sauce

Same breakfast for the little guy + grapes on the side/table. Apparently food tastes better, when smeared all over the table first. ;)

Morning snacks:

Greek yogurt and banana for me, plain whole milk yogurt and blueberries for the little guy.

By the way, I love my new teeny tiny Tupperware dip container, I picked up at the market.

Lunch was easy-peasy:

Tarte d’Alsace from Trader Joe’s frozen section (thin crust flatbread topped with sour cream, onions, bacon) – shared with my son, even though he had his very own lunch plate with buttered penne and organic raspberries.

I was super productive and prepped dinner veggies with a lemon-olive oil -garlic marinade ahead of time during afternoon nap time.

Served for dinner, together with greens and fresh, wild-caught salmon:

Those are our lazy day eats. :)

Did you eat anything fun lately? I’m in love with the salmon, but it’s pricey! Also, roasted brussels sprouts – yum.


For all you eco-friendly folks & organic mamas out there: I have a fun green product review and GIVEAWAY coming up in a few days, so check back soon to find out what it is!

Until then, happy hump day!

What do toddlers eat? Munchkin Meals

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I’m so excited to finally be cooking in our own (albeit tiny) kitchen again. This past week, we’ve had some wild salmon, Irish Nachos and Sweet Potato Nachos (inspired by Peas and Crayons), and I’ve also made a huge batch of bolognese sauce, just to name a few dishes.

With that being said, I thought it’s time for another Munchkin Meals post, linked up with Brittany of A Healthy Slice of Life. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of those posts, so here we go.

Our 21 month-old usually eats everything we eat.

The little guy loves spicy food! Mrs. Renfro’s Mango Habanero Salsa? Yes please! He will ask for “mehr/mer”  (German/Swedish for more).

Chicken satay? Why not!


But this is more what he’ll have on a regular basis:

Breakfast is usually milk and cereal + sippy cup with extra milk. He’s still a light weight, so we try and get extra calories into him, when we can, hence all the milk. Full fat, obviously.

He will have a lunch before nap time, and this is usually what I have, or bites thereof. The other day we shared a burrito bowl from Chipotle, and he could not stop eating the grilled chicken pieces. Other days it’s bites of cucumber, a slice of bread and cheese.

Post-nap snack is often a green smoothie (mooie in toddlerese), 1/2 a PB&J, pear slices, snap peas with hummus, or any combination thereof. Occasionally he is having banana, but unless he could peel it himself he wouldn’t look at it. And even then, he will eat only half, at most.

He will also ask for blaubeah or “Blaubeeren” (German for blueberries) multiple times a day, and usually I give him some. Again, the fact that he’s eating well now is a good thing, because of he’s so small.

Dinner really depends on the day. He can either eat great, or just graze on a few bites and call it a meal. We don’t want to force it, as I want him to understand and listen to his body’s signals, when he’s hungry. We usually do have to remind him to eat throughout the day though, as he is often too busy to realize he’s hungry. When it’s just me and him (which is often..), we usually have something quick and easy. Grilled Cheese, veggies, hummus, crackers, you name it.

Last weekend we went out to a steakhouse, and the little foodie happily munched on crab & avocado dip with nachos, lobster (!!!), and steak. What can I say, he’s got expensive taste! :P

Other days, however, he just wants plain buttered pasta and a couple of meatballs. I keep a stash of Trader Joes frozen meatballs on hand for him, because I can quickly heat them up in case a hungry toddler comes running and asking for mehr mea-bah  (“more meatballs, in case you didn’t figure this one out ;) )

So this is what our 21 month old is up to, food-wise. He goes through phases, so this is not a guarantee to remain the same, but I’m happy that we finally have our kitchen gadgets back, so we can eat as we please and no longer have to rely on takeout/hot bar/makeshift dinners all the time.

What are you or your kids eating throughout the day? You can hit up Brittany’s link-up for some fantastic kiddie meal ideas and for grown-up food, you can check out Jenn’s What I Ate Wednesday posts! I can’t wait to join the #WIAW party soon again, when I get a chance!

Monday Meal Prep

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Holy productive Batman!

I cannot believe what I got done during naptime today!!

I’m making extra efforts lately to eat healthy, at home and mostly unprocessed, because I feel like I’ve been relying a little too much on convenience in the past few weeks. Sick baby + a partner that’s always working = zero me-time = no motivation to stand in the kitchen for hours.

But since healthy meal prepping posts are currently making the rounds in the blog world (for example here, here,  here and here), I decided to do the same.

As soon as our little guy passed out for his nap, I got started. Well, first of all I took a shower, but that’s irrelevant. ;)

1. Dinner for tonight’s Meatless Monday, salad toppers and snacks:

Crepes + Cheesy Mushroom Filling, Frozen Blueberry Yogurt Parfait, cucumber slices (unpeeled for me, peeled for the little guy), green onion, crumbled feta, potatoes, hummmus and carrots, washed blueberries and HB eggs

3. Toddler Breakfast + Snacks

Blueberry whole wheat pancakes (to be eaten with PB, shredded carrots and honey); mashed potatoes with peas

4. Slow Cooker Bolognese for tomorrow (+ leftovers to freeze); our kitchen smells soooo good, as it’s currentlly all simmering on low temperature for 3 – 4 hours. Yum!

Top: Tomato Sauce ingredients (blended after pic was taken), Bottom: Cooked organic ground beef

5. Best of all: Green Smoothies, ready to go in the Nutribullet mugs

Greens Galore!

This does not include all meals that I have planned for the week (e.g. quick roasted salmon, potato & broccoli soup).

Do you have a designated day in  the week for meal preparation? What are your tips for weekly food prep? I usually also bake a few yams and cook beans and a big pot of pasta to last for a couple of days.