Post-Pregnancy Cravings?!?!

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Hey Everyone! How’s life treating ya?

I’m doing well over here. Slowly getting used to my new life as a mommy. Baby’s fine, eating, sleeping and, well,  doing baby stuff, but most of all growing. We already took him on quite a few walks, which he loves as long as he’s in the wrap! He’s also starting to grab and hold on to things, for example a finger, my shirt or my hair, and he also flashes an occasional smile. But his favourite activity so far is snuggling! :D

I’m recovering really well from my c-section and I hope to get some yoga into my life soon again. I’m already looking forward to mom & baby yoga and I hope our little man likes it!

Life is good these days. Just hanging out at home, taking care of our baby, and trying to rest in between. I had to finish an essay the first week we brought him home – believe me, studying with a newborn is tough. I’m glad I’m taking this semester off, and then I only have a few more courses until I finish my degree, hopefully by next Spring, when he’s a few months old. Forget the 2011 goals (I was planning on graduating by December…), which I posted in January. :P

This might be too much information, so feel free to skip the next two paragraphs, but nursing in public still feels a bit awkward. I guess I have to get used to it though, as I will not be locking myself up at home for the next year or so.

Speaking of breastfeeding - I think I now have more cravings than when I was pregnant!!! I crave milk like crazy and I’m a non-dairy kind of girl. I was never a milk person, all my life and now suddenly I can’t get enough. Cookies are a close second, followed by oatmeal and cereal. And veggies! Most of our food in the past few weeks was either hospital-cafeteria-style food (I had to stay for 7 days, because of baby’s low birth weight), or straight from the freezer sodium-bombs, like lasagna, pizza and burritos.

You cannot imagine what a happy camper I was, when we went to Whole Foods, every time we had a doctor’s or midwife appointment in the last week. Salad bar, I really like you! Would you like to move in with me?

I just have to share the first meal I made, more than a week after coming home from the hospital:


Yes, that clock reads 11:49… that’s when I eat breakfast nowadays, if I don’t forget it altogether…

Maple-Walnut-Banana Pancakes

Did any of you mommies out there also experience post-pregnancy cravings? I’m guessing it’s because a breastfeeding body has different nutritional needs than before, but why do I crave so much sweets lately?

See you soon,


Pregnancy: 3rd Trimester Recap

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Hey everyone,

Welcome to my 3rd Trimester recap! Of course, I didn’t manage to write this post before our little guy arrived. ;-)

This is my belly at 32 weeks – it's always been quite low!

Many people commented on how small my belly was during my pregnancy, and we now know why. An ultrasound showed that our little man was on the very small side, so I had to be induced right away. Things went in a different direction that what I was hoping for during my entire pregnancy (natural, unmedicated birth) and after the induction failed, our boy was finally delivered via c-section.

But this is not my birth story. It’s the 3rd trimester recap! So here’s what we did in these last few months:

We bought and assembled our stroller.

Uppababy Vista

Sorry for the dark pic, but we have no sun in our apartment until late in the afternoon.

I love the Uppababy Vista stroller, because it comes with a bassinet (which our little guy loves too!). We decided against a travel system, because we were told that you shouldn’t be using the car seat for more than 45 minutes at a time because it is not good for baby’s back. And we don’t want to lift a sleeping baby out and wake him up, if we don’t have to. Besides, we don’t have a car, so we don’t need a super advanced travel system. However, we still had to buy the car seat, otherwise the hospital wouldn’t let us leave.

In the last months, we also stocked up on a few more baby things (clothes, disposable diapers, a bunch of cloth diapers to try, blankets, etc).

Some of the Baby things… How do you like our Crab?

We still needed a whole bunch of stuff, like towels, receiving/swaddling blankets (I love the Aden & Anais Muslin Wraps), nursing supplies, bedding, etc. and I still felt completely unprepared.

But altogether, my last trimester was great, just as my entire pregnancy! I was a little stressed out due to work and courses, but managed to sneak in one to two weekly prenatal yoga sessions and lots of walking. I did, however, not gain a lot of weight. No weird cravings, except a daily dose of  ice-cream (for calcium, right ;-) ).

I do remember an emotional breakdown (there were several…) after I bought my Moby Wrap. I wanted to buy the blue wrap so badly, but up here in Canada, it’s a little trickier to get. I don’t like ordering things online, because Canada Post takes forever or loses things – like a book that I ordered in May. Feeding the Bump was supposed to help me figure out to meet nutritional needs for Baby and me during pregnancy. Now it’s September, Baby’s here, but the book still hasn’t arrived and most likely never will. Anyway, back to the wrap. I finally found one in a colour that I like (moss), bought it, brought it home, only to figure out that it had an owl printed on the front!!! It’s cute and all, but not for me. I wanted the simple moss-greenish wrap, which already was a compromise in lack of the blue one (which I couldn’t find anywhere!). Oh, the tears! Poor daddy-to-be had to listen to my complaints and whining for quite a while. Luckily I went to a different store the next week and found the moss coloured wrap, and the best thing was that it was even $10 cheaper! :P

Apart from being emotional I loved being pregnant and I’m amazed at what the human body is capable of – creating another human being! I hope you enjoyed reading this post. See you soon with updates on life and the return of healthy eating – I have not cooked once since Baby has arrived and I truly miss veggies! If you feel like reading more, you can also check out my First and Second Trimester recaps.

Take care, good luck and happy pregnancies to all other mamas and mamas-to-be out there,



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Hey Friends,

I just wanted to share some news with you:


I’m almost 29 weeks pregnant and our Baby is scheduled to arrive mid-September this year. The above picture was taken at 20 weeks, but we’re having a 3D Ultrasound this weekend!

Everything is going well so far and Baby is healthy and moving and wiggling around in my belly.

I have wanted to share this for a very long time, but with all other things going on, we decided to wait, and then things got in the way, so I kept it to myself until I had a good opportunity to share the news with you.

Stay tuned for some recaps and updates! I’m excited!!!



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