The Good, the Bad and the Messy

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Let’s start with the Good:

Spinach, apple, pear and lemon juice smoothie and cuppa coffee

I actually managed to eat breakfast at breakfast time, around 10 AM. Usually I eat a bit later, when my son takes a nap, and then I’m usually starving by that time. Today we had breakfast together, because I already prepped his food (papaya and steamed yam) last night.

The Bad:

Whole wheat bagel with Nutella

I obviously have very little patience to re-take bad or blurry photos… sorry folks, but that’s me. ;) And that Nutella is so bad for me, but I enjoyed it… :D

The Messy:

Result of letting my son feed himself = food everywhere

If you’re wondering, whether we’re spoon feeding or doing baby-led weaning, I’d say it’s a combo of both. Our son get’s mashed fruit and veggies, as well as cereal, but we also give him small soft pieces of food to feed himself with almost every meal or so (we’re not following an exact schedule).

I am amazed how our son picks up pieces of food, examines them and then slowly guides them into his mouth (which he can’t see!) to eat them.

No utensils needed!

This boy will eat almost anything. He’s a foodie. :)

Parents: Did you give baby-led weaning a try or did you make your own baby purees? After trying jarred baby food on my baby shower last August, I’m making my son’s food fresh daily. I thought, why should he get something that I wouldn’t eat myself? Only recently I started to steam bigger quantities of fruits and veggies to store in the fridge for a couple of days. He hasn’t had a single jar of baby puree yet, but we are going on a long trip this summer and I guess store bought food will be making an appearance.

Off to clean up our mess!



Vancouver: Baby Outings

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Warning: As you might have guessed correctly from the title, this is a baby-related post! :)

I know, I mention our little guy in a lot of my posts, but this one is specifically about baby and kid activities in and around Vancouver.

Even though I’ve been doing mom & baby yoga since my son has been 7 weeks old, I’m always on the lookout for new things to do with the little man. After all, mom & baby yoga is meant for pre-mobile babies and I never know how much time I will have left to enjoy his sitting by himself and playing with his toys.

Baby Yoga – Stretchy Toe Pose :-)

So I came up with a few fun things to do, when I will have to stop going to my beloved yoga, because chasing after a little one wouldn’t leave much time for stretching, bending and twisting. We’re still enjoying it for now, though.

  • I just signed us up for a class at Gymboree North Shore for next week. The first class is free!
  • Baby Swim Classes starting later this month. Most community centers offer infant and toddler swim classes for an affordable price. Also: a friend invited us to join her and her daughter (same age as our son) to meet and go swimming in her building’s pool – ahh, the perks of downtown condo living…
  • For those rainy Vancouver days, there is a year-round, indoor beach in Richmond!!! How awesome is that?? They have a variety of things to do there, from fitness classes and Volleyball drop-ins as well as kids events. They host free movie nights for older kids, as well as other kid firendly activities such as birthday parties and Kids Beach for lil’ Diggers.
  • There are quite a few baby-/kid-friendly cafes in the area. Bojangles in Yaletown is our favourite after-yoga spot (changing table, highchairs, lots of space for strollers), but there are places I have yet to try, such as the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. or Little Nest

    Bojangles Cafe (Source:

  • As the days get warmer, there is always the Seawall (9.5 km around Stanley Park), which is a great way to get in a long walk and fresh air. If it’s raining, the Vancouver Aquarium is one of my favourite places to go. If you go more than 3 times per year, membership is totally worth it (around $60/year vs. $20 for a single adult visit). Our son already loves watching the beluga whales and fishies.

Oh, I also wanted to throw in an  online-shopping pet peeve: Stores that claim something is organic, which it actually isn’t! :(   West Coast Kids sells “organic” Baby Legs legwarmers, but (as of writing this post) only half of the offered colours actually are, if you cross-reference it with the organic category on the Baby Legs website… It’s a shame knowing that some people now believe they bought something made from organic, pesticide and chemical-free cotton, but they actually got ripped off. My legwarmer shopping experience is just one example. Lesson: If you want to be sure about a product, you can always double-check with the brand’s website itself or look for the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) label.

sample label (Source: Global Organic Textile Standard)

As you can see, I clearly spend way too much time surfing the web for baby deals, instead of working on my course work… I need to get out of the house. Off to see a movie (Movies 4 Mommies at the Rio) and to meet a friend to dip our babies in the pool! :D

Enjoy your day and feel free to share your favourite baby & me activities! Any must-do Vancouver family events or classes? Leave a comment!

The Return of Meal Planning

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Hey guys! How are you?

We had a pretty successful week, food-wise. Our little man had his first solid foods during this past week and the introduction went pretty well, I have to say! :)

After exclusively breastfeeding for 6 months (as recommended by his pediatrician and the WHO), we now have the opportunity to experience a different way of “meal planning’. We want to introduce the little man to a variety of different foods, so that 1) he won’t get bored of the same food and 2) to accept different kind of foods, so that he can get all the nutrients he needs to grow and develop. This is the order on how we introduced these new tastes to him last week:

mashed avocado in his awesome bamboo baby feeding bowl

  • Monday: mashed avocado (+mommy milk)
  • Tuesday: same as Monday
  • Wednesday: mashed banana (+mommy milk)
  • Thursday: same as Wednesday
  • Friday: – attempt #1 (morning) – mashed avocado + mommy milk – he didn’t feel like it and wanted to nurse instead (who can blame him, he already ate avocado twice this week. ;) )
    - attempt #2 (evening): steamed mashed pear (+mommy milk) – success!
  • Saturday: -#1: baby cereal (oatmeal) mixed with mommy milk
    - #2:  steamed yam
  • Sunday: steamed mashed pear + cereal

This week he also had some steamed mashed carrots, which were rejected. His favourite foods are yam and pear so far!

Everything (except the avocado on day 1) he ate so far has been organic. I felt a little guilty – not that there’s anything wrong with conventional avocado, since it’s not part of the dirty dozen, but it was his first food and I wanted it to be organic so badly. That day, I went to two different stores for ripe organic avocado, and I even sent his daddy to another one on his way home, but they just had the brick-hard ones, which had to wait a few days to become edible. Conventional had to do. :-?

I have mentioned this before, but we usually try to eat as much organic as possible (have for a few years now), and of course that includes baby food, too. So you can imagine, I was a little disappointed in myself for not planning ahead better and getting an organic avocado a few days ahead of time, so that it would be ripe when we need it…

Anyway, all in all we are happy he likes to eat.

Mmmh, yummy food!

This past week has also marked the return of actual meal planning for us, so stay tuned for our tentative meal plan this coming week!

Parents: When did you start introducing solids to your baby? What were your baby’s first foods? I’m curious…

Non-parents/everyone: Do you buy organic? Do you think it is worth the extra cost? We sure do: milk, meat and apples for sure, everything else depends on if it’s in season and available locally.

See you soon,