Lost in the Stroller Jungle? {Uppababy Vista Review}

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A couple of months go, when we were still living in Canada, something funny happened to me on my coffee run at Starbucks.

I haven’t had my morning cup of coffee yet, so when a lady dressed in all black with matching black sunglasses came up to me and asked: “Do you love you stroller?” I looked at her with a question mark in my face (because of my lack of caffeine, I suppose). Then I realized she was pregnant, because why else would anyone ask that question, right?

I was really excited to share my thoughts with her, because secretly I really enjoy talking about baby stuff.

Actually, I wanted to shout at her: ”Heck, yes, I’m loving my stroller!” but kept it to a short “Yes, we’re really happy with it!”

My son is riding in the Uppababy Vista. I quickly explained to the lady what I loved most, and I was inspired to share this information right here on the blog.


We’re usually not huge into buying every piece of baby equipment, and have always been trying to keep things simple and to a minimum. But after a year and a half, I can happily say that this stroller was one of the best pieces of baby equipment we own. It was a gift from my mom and her partner, thankyouverymuch!! :razz:

So why did we pick the Uppababy Vista?


  • It comes with everything you need: Bassinet for the first few months, multi-position toddler seat (can be used facing you or out and reclines into 4 or 5 positions for napping), raincover, and mosquito cover.
  • It has a huge storage basket underneath, which makes grocery shopping without a car much easier

  • It’s easy to “drive” and fold
  • There’s a huge sun cover (UPS 50) attached to the canopy, and this is the only stroller that I’ve ever seen with an attached sun cover. You will need to buy this for other strollers (little umbrellas that attach on the side or mesh covers, etc.)
  • Car seat adapters are available for a number of car seat brands (we have a Maxi-Cosi Mico), so it easily can be transformed into a travel system
  • It is comfortable for my toddler to sit or nap in, especially with the multiple recline-positions. The big wheels makes it easy to turn the stroller and shocks absorb bumps on the road to keep the ride as smooth as possible.


  • The cup holder (purchased separately) is useless. Drinks will always spill, if the cups are close to full. It’s not a good idea to have hot drinks above your baby’s head anyway, but definitely don’t rely on this thing.
    However, it seems that Uppababy has recently released a new cup holder.
  • It’s fairly large - on the other hand it folds easily to save space.
  • It’s not cheap. I’ve seen it on a deal website for $499 a while ago, but I’m not sure if that’s a recurring deal or not, so I think it will probably cost anywhere between $600 and $800 nowadays.

When buying a stroller, it’s best to keep your lifestyle in mind: Do you like to run? Do you need storage space? Do you like to keep things small and out of the way? It’s easiest to just go to a baby store and try out a few models, before you commit to such a big purchase, but having used our stroller for the past year and a half, I can highly recommend it.

It will last from the newborn stage through toddlerhood (and up to 50 lbs). You can also purchase a variety of accessories, such as cupholders, colour swap kits, and even a booster seat for your growing family.

With my son being one and a half, we are encouraging him to walk, so we’re not using our stroller as much as in the beginning (well, in the very beginning he actually preferred his Moby wrap). However it’s definitely been used on an almost daily basis (we don’t own a car and walk a lot) in the last 20+ months.

So, thank you, mom-to-be at Starbucks, for inspiring me to share my love for the Uppababy Vista. If you’re expecting and looking into such things right now, then I really hope you find this review useful.

Feel free to comment, if you can recommend other strollers or let me know if you have a question!

Sleeping Like a Baby

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Here I am, debating, whether I should enjoy a little afternoon me-time or wake up my son, so he will go to bed earlier in the evening.

As painful as it is to give up this nice quiet time, I know I’ll pay for it later if I bask in the moment now and let him nap.

Something that’s luckily never a question:

Green Juices/Smoothies!!

Plus a little napper in the stroller!! :D

Here’s the deal:

Our 16 month-old sleeps fine. He now sleeps through the night, somthing that started a little bit after a year. Well, technically he slept 5 hour stretches (5 hours is considered sleeping-through-the-night for little infants) before he turned a year, but only on a on-and-off basis, depending on teething, if he was sick, traveling, etc.

But: Now that he figured out how to run, he hates going to bed. Once he’s asleep, he’s asleep, but getting there is a nightly struggle that can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Yesterday I tried to take him to bed around 8:30PM, but he just kept getting up and out of bed, so after 1.5 hours I decided to take a break, to wait for daddy (who was working late) to take over. He finally crashed around 11:30PM.

Lately I’ve made it an effort to shorten his nap time, in order to make him tired a little earlier. Well, it’s been almost two hours, which is more than I should let him nap.

*Sigh* Off to wake the little guy…

Mamas or Papas: Do you have any toddler sleep tips? How do you get them to sleep earlier? And why is it called sleeping like a baby? It seems like a big paradox to me. ;)

One Year Ago

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A little over one year ago I met a new person.

He was very tiny and I couldn’t wait to get to know him better!

I loved him from the moment I had first seen him and even long before that!

When I share a grilled cheese sandwich with him today, it’s hard to believe that I’ve already been sharing food with him for a while.

Long before he even started eating solid food.He’s a foodie too, you know! :)

He’s my son. My life. My snuggle bug.

And now my Baby Boy is 1 year old!

Well, technically my son is now a 12-and-a-half month old, and I’m a little late on the blog. But we did celebrate a couple of weeks ago. We enjoyed a great day at the Aquarium, followed by ice cream at the waterfront and later cake at home.

On one hand it is kind of surreal that I am a Mama to a now 1-year old. On the other hand, it feels like I have always been taking care of him. It just feels natural.

Happy Birthday Little Guy! I’m excited to see what the next years with you will bring!