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Summer Coffee Treat: Eiskaffee

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We recently got a Keurig K-cup coffee maker and I’m a little obsessed trying out all the different types and flavors of coffee. Side note: Did you notice I am spelling things the American way, now that we no longer live in Canada. Flavor definitely used to be flavour, but I’m trying to adapt, you know? I’m still struggling with the conversion to Fahrenheit though. And pounds, ounces (there are fluid ounces too, right?) and miles. So, anyway, on one …

Eco-Friendly Home: Woolzies Dryer Balls Review & Giveaway

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It’s no secret that I’ve been trying to live my live a little greener one step at a time. I’m not an activist, but I do want to raise people’s awareness on the importance of being kind to Mother Earth. As a scuba diver (even though it’s been a while) I’m especially fond of the ocean and it’s role in our planet’s health. In addition to my love for the Seven Seas  (and nature in general), I grew up in …

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

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It’s been a loooong time since my last WIAW post, but we’re finally starting to settle in to our new place. We’re still living amid unpacked boxes, but at least the kitchen is functional now, even though the layout is horrible. Thanks to Jenn for hosting the What I Ate Wednesday blog party! June’s theme is sensible snacking, but I’m still having trouble, preparing ahead. I am getting better though. Here are today’s eats (and a fun announcement all the …