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Exploring our New Home: Farmers Market + Vino

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And by home, I mean the city we currently call our home. I cannot believe, we’ve been in San Diego for almost 5 months already. What can I say, I’m still not convinced. I’m just not sure if the whole California she-bang is right for me. I loved living in Vancouver and exploring the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest. I didn’t mind the cooler temps in the winter or even the rain. Regardless, we’re in Southern California right now for …

What I Ate Wednesday + Sugar-Free Week Recap

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Well, I survived #SugarFreeWeek! Now that it’s over, I have to admit that it was easier than I originally thought it would be. I was tracking my eats and read the labels of everything processed (crackers, yogurt, etc.). If it contained sugar it was a no. If it was sweetened naturally, I ate a little bit of it. And by eating this way for a week, it reminded me that this was my actual diet! This is how I normally …

Sugar-Free Day 1-3

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Happy Friday! If you read my last post, you know that I’m cutting out all added refined white sugar for 1 whole week. I see it as my personal little sugar detox. I still eat sugar in the form of fresh and dried fruits, and I’m not ditching carbs altogether. I just need to refocus from highly processed and sweetened to more fresh whole foods and meals cooked from scratch. ¬†We have a mini road trip planned for Sunday, and …