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Munchkin Meals – Birthday Month Edition

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What, when did September sneak up on me so quickly? At the same time I am so looking forward to the end of San Diego’s summer, because let me tell ya, it’s hot. I cannot wait for cooler temperatures to arrive. August was a busy month for us, with paperwork (as usual), trips to Orange County, farmer’s markets, a visit to Legoland and celebrating our little guy’s 2nd Birthday. I am amazed at the amount of chicken this little guy …

Easy Summer Meals & What I Ate Wednesday

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You guys? Do you even know how much I am looking forward to cooler temperatures? I already picked out a pair of fall boots that I fully intend to buy, but I’m still hesitating, because I’m not even sure if San Diego will ever have any fall or winter weather. It makes me a little sad. At the beginning of September it’s still a whopping 37°C/98.6°F outside today. I’m so glad our AC is cooperating. I’m not even sure how I …

End of Summer Sweet Treat: Strawberry White Chocolate Smoothie

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Let’s be real here: I am so ready for summer to come to an end! Fall is my absolute favorite season of the year. Crisp and fresh air. Boots. Knit Sweaters. Scarves. Rainy days. Warm coffee drinks. Cinnamon. This is why I loved Vancouver so much. I could enjoy all of my favorite things year round. Since we now live in Southern California, I’m craving the cool weather like a madwoman. I don’t think my cravings will be fulfilled anytime …