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Hi everyone and welcome to susonia.com, my little corner of the blog world! My name is Susan and I am a food and yoga-loving, part-time working student and new mom. On my blog, I attempt to share my passion of funky food, fun and healthy living.

I originally started the blog as a sort of food/health diary after I lost a bit of weight (30 lbs!) and to keep me healthy, sane and motivated. Now the blog has become my way of sharing the everyday experiences of a food lover,  international student, travel addict and mom to the cutest baby boy in the world!

Snuggle bug!

We are a German-Swedish-Canadian family, currently based in beautiful Vancouver BC sunny San Diego, CA. 

In addition to my funky food adventures and my journey to a healthy lifestyle, you can even find some German and Swedish recipes here!

köttbullsmacka – Swedish meatball sandwich

Thanks for stopping by and please keep reading!

Here’s a little list of what you can find on susonia.com:

  • my love of cooking, eating, trying out new funky foods
  • yoga - could teaching yoga be in my future???
  • baking failures – except for some cookies, or really easy stuff, I always fail in the bakery department. This might have to do with my impulsive recipe-altering abilities.  One of the things I can bake – in my opinion - is pizza (which is one of my favourite foods and you will encounter it many times on my blog). You can check out my opinion about pizza here and here.
  • my attempts to live a healthy life
  • family fun and the joy of being a first time mama
  • exploring San Diego, and the rest of the world one step at a time

Join me on my quest to a healthy life filled with funky foods, fitness, fun and happiness. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy reading my blog!

PS: I love being a part of the blogging communities below, and I have been featured on Fitblogger.ca and Healthy Living Blogs:

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