Exploring Our City: La Jolla

Well, it still doesn’t really feel like our city. Not the way Vancouver felt to me. Vancouver will always have a special place in my heart. Nevertheless, we live in San Diego now, might as well make the best of it, right? ;)

One of my favorite places to visit in San Diego is La Jolla. On the one hand I’m really enjoying it as it is situated directly at the coast (which means cooler temperatures than where we live). On the other hand, it is such a cute and walkable little town, with nice eateries, art galleries, upscale boutiques, coffee shops, yoga studios and the children’s pool, which isn’t for swimming at all, but has been taken over by sea lions, and which we love to look at.

Unfortunately rents are not exactly in our budget in La Jolla, but I’m so glad there’s a walkable little place we can visit, that is NOT a strip mall (of which there are a LOT of here in Southern California…). La Jolla is about 20 minutes from where we live, and I have grand plans to check out the Sunday Market, toddler yoga at the library and La Jolla Shores Beach and Kellogg Park.

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- And let’s not forget the town of Julian, about an hour and a half east of San Diego. We went there to pick apples this fall and it was gorgeous!

Have you been to San Diego or are you a local? What are your favorite brunch spots? Parks? Things to do? We’re still exploring and can’t wait to learn more, so feel free to share, I’d be super happy about it!





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  1. Vanessa

    Susan! Vancouver misses you, too! Did I ever mention that I spent a few weeks in San Diego many years ago, when my aunt and cousins lived there? My favorite part was the Zoo, and the train ride to LA along the coast! La Jolla, as you say, was lovely, too. I also went to Tijuana! (not something I would recommend with a toddler, ha ha!) But my aunt did mention an awesome little beach town in Mexico, about an hour drive form the border. I will ask her the name!

    • Susan

      Hmmm, a drive to Mexico does not sound too bad! :) I miss Vancouver and you guys, of course, so, so much! I want to move back – if only life was that easy… I’m so glad you stopped by here and hope all is well with you!

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