Cheesy Cauliflower Whole Wheat Spaghetti {Meatless Monday}

I was brainstorming for a Meatless Monday dinner, so I came up with this recipe. It’s really quick and easy and I wanted to share it with you all.

Whole grains: check

Veggies: check

Cheese: check :D

Easy Peasy Cheesy Cauliflower Whole Wheat Spaghetti

You will need whole wheat pasta, 1 cauliflower, butter, flour and milk (I’m usually eyeballing the amounts for bechamel sauce – or cheat and use ready-made Alfredo sauce), sharp cheese (I used a mix of Comte and Trader Joe’s cheddar/Gruyere melange, but Gorgonzola is fantastic too), salt and pepper to taste and extra freshly grated Parmesan for sprinkling on top

  • Cook your pasta according to instructions
  • In the meantime, wash cauliflower and boil in a big pot until tender but still has a bite to it. I usually just put the whole head of cauli in the pot, but this time we were hungry, so I just chopped it roughly into bite-sized pieces and microwaved it with a Tsp. water for about 7 minutes
  • Make Bechamel sauce (in a saucepan, melt butter – about 1 Tsp – , add flour – 1-2 Tsp -, whisk in milk until sauce thickens to your desired consistency ) and add your cheese of choice and whisk until melted
  • Toss cauliflower with pasta, pour cheese sauce on top and top with fresh parmesan and freshly ground pepper
What do you think of this Meatless Monday Dinner? Pasta is such a no-brainer for our family and we often have it multiple times a week, so it’s nice to switch things up from our usual Pasta Bolognese routine. How do you get your family to eat their veggies? 
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What is your go-to cauliflower recipe?
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