The Gluten-Free Experiment: Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Hi friends! Happy almost weekend! :)

Any fun plans?

I’m planning on buying some more caulifower! I don’t really know why, but I’ve been neglecting to buy and use cauliflower for the past few years. There isn’t really a reason why, I just always liked other veggies better. But this, my friends, is going to change very, very soon.

Not only did I figure out how to make a super easy slow cooker veggie curry featuring cauliflower, but a couple of days ago I also decided to go into full experimenting mode.

I’m not sure why, I guess it’s a Pinterest-inspired idea, but I really decided to make a gluten-free pizza crust. Luckily none of us is gluten-intolerant, but we’re pretty big on wheat products (bread, cereal, beer and most of all pizza…) and I thought dinner would be a good opportunity to cut down a little.

Cauliflower Pizza Crust

I can’t really remember where exactly this recipe came from (feel free to point me to the source so I can give proper blog credit), but here’s what I did:

I used 1/2 head of cauliflower, 1 egg, about 1/2 – 3/4 cup of shredded parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. First I shredded the cauliflower finely in a food processor until it had a texture similar to that of rice. I then toasted the shredded cauliflower in a large pan for a few minutes (my pan was to small to fit all of the cauli, so I had to do several batches). I mixed all the ingredients with the cauliflower to make the “dough”, which I shaped into two small, thin crusts and baked at 400º F for 20 minutes.

Topped with our favourite toppings, including garlic, mushrooms and blue cheese and prosciutto for the guy version (below).

The verdict: It was surprisingly good! ;) It obviously didn’t taste like the thin and chewy Neapolitan thin crust pizza that I love so much, but considering the amount of pizza I’m eating, this is definitely a healthier alternative to sneak some extra veggies in and cut some wheat out. However, it is very time consuming, so its not something I could do often, even if I wanted to.

Do you eat gluten-free on a regular basis? Do you have any fun gluten-free recipes to share? This was actually the first time I deliberately made a gluten-free dish, but honestly, I can’t imagine how people with sensitivities manage to get by without it. I love occasional pastries and bread, but also a beer every now and then, and even though there’s rice flour and other substitutes, the wheaty, doughy taste is what makes it, isn’t it? You gluten-frees are strong!

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4 Responses to The Gluten-Free Experiment: Cauliflower Pizza Crust

  1. Deirdre

    That sounds so EASY! And as long as I know it isn’t the chewy/crunchy regular crust, but something good for me, but still slathered in toppings and cheese, I think I could totally go for it. Not to mention I’m trying for a healthier diet and lifestyle in 2013. Thanks for sharing this on the Photo Friday Blog hop- have a great weekend and we hope to see you next week- cheers!

    • Susan

      It is a little bit time intensive, but definitely easy! If you make it, please let me know how you liked it! :D

  2. Cranberry Morning

    That’s an interesting idea for a crust! I may try that. I eat gluten free 95% of the time. The other 5% is when I see some irresistible thing (and am sorry later). But I feel so much better when I stick with it. I have several gluten-free recipes on my blog – they can easily be found using the search bar on my sidebar. Just type in ‘gluten’ and they’ll all pop up. :-)
    Thanks for this new idea!

    • Susan

      Thanks for stopping by here! I’m lucky to not have any food allergies, but I always like to sneak extra veggies in, so why not in pizza crust, right? ;) I have to check out your gluten-free recipes to switch things up a little!

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