Sleeping Like a Baby

Here I am, debating, whether I should enjoy a little afternoon me-time or wake up my son, so he will go to bed earlier in the evening.

As painful as it is to give up this nice quiet time, I know I’ll pay for it later if I bask in the moment now and let him nap.

Something that’s luckily never a question:

Green Juices/Smoothies!!

Plus a little napper in the stroller!! :D

Here’s the deal:

Our 16 month-old sleeps fine. He now sleeps through the night, somthing that started a little bit after a year. Well, technically he slept 5 hour stretches (5 hours is considered sleeping-through-the-night for little infants) before he turned a year, but only on a on-and-off basis, depending on teething, if he was sick, traveling, etc.

But: Now that he figured out how to run, he hates going to bed. Once he’s asleep, he’s asleep, but getting there is a nightly struggle that can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Yesterday I tried to take him to bed around 8:30PM, but he just kept getting up and out of bed, so after 1.5 hours I decided to take a break, to wait for daddy (who was working late) to take over. He finally crashed around 11:30PM.

Lately I’ve made it an effort to shorten his nap time, in order to make him tired a little earlier. Well, it’s been almost two hours, which is more than I should let him nap.

*Sigh* Off to wake the little guy…

Mamas or Papas: Do you have any toddler sleep tips? How do you get them to sleep earlier? And why is it called sleeping like a baby? It seems like a big paradox to me. ;)

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  1. Deirdre

    Lol-right? If 2-5 hours is sleeping like a baby- how is that a good thing? I guess sleeping at all is a good thing.

    Thanks for sharing on photo Friday blog hop. We hop you join us again next week.


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