Comfy Food: Chanterelle’s au Gratin

I just remembered a really yummy dish  made by the Mr., which we had last fall soon after we brought our little guy home from the hospital and I wish I could eat it right now: Chanterelle’s au gratin – that’s what I call it – my guy calls it Kantarellstuvning (“chanterelle stew” in Swedish). Served on toast with a side salad, it is a perfect fall dish that uses one of my favourite seasonal ingredients.

Chanterelles on toast and baked with cave aged Gruyere… mmmh!!!

In Sweden I’ve also seen it on omelette and on steak. That’s why we had it on our oven omelette for our Christmas get-together.

It’s super easy and my guy loves to make (and eat ;) ) this dish.

Fresh from the farmers market last fall (I know, I know, it's almost spring…).

You first clean the chanterelles off with a little brush. Then you fry them in a little butter until the liquid has come out of the mushrooms.

fried chanterelles

Then you make sort of a bechamel sauce, by sprinkling a little flour over the chanterelles and adding some milk (or cream if you like it even richer…) to the mixture.


Put it on toast, then add some cave aged Gruyere (I think Appenzeller would be yummy, too!!!) and broil until the cheese is melted and bubbly.

mmmmh… cheesy, chanterelly goodness!

It’s a perfect late summer dish (when they’re in season), together with a mixed salad, grapes and a glass of red vino! Maybe they could even be made vegan by using non-dairy milk and daiya cheese? Nooo, it just wouldn’t be the same without the real Swiss cheese…;)

I love the purple kale in the lettuce mix! Makes it look colourful and fresh. :)

We got our chanterelles fresh from the Trout Lake Farmers Market last fall, when they were still in season. I don’t have much experience with dried wild mushrooms, as I prefer to use fresh produce if it’s in season, but I guess they would work too, if you know how to prepare them (I never tried them, so I can’t tell you…). Right now, I would love to eat this, but I guess I have to wait until next fall, or bite the bullet and buy the overpriced chanterelles from Whole Foods…

Have you tried dried wild mushrooms? What are your favourite mushroom recipes?

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