Funky Food Friday: Swedish Meatball Sandwich – Köttbullsmacka

Welcome to another Funky Food Friday!

To stick with the theme of ground beef, I was looking for creative meatball meals and a favourite came to mind.

Swedish Open Faced Meatball Sandwich with Beet Salad or Köttbullsmacka med Rödbetssallad

You need: Swedish meatballs (I used frozen ones from IKEA because I was lazy busy), dark bread (dark rye is yummy), lettuce and cucumbers, some butter if you like, and Beet Salad (recipe below).


Rödbetssallad – Beet Salad


*Note: I made this from scratch and I’m sure there are different versions of this. This is my little creation, based on what I had on hand.*

  • Canned beets, drained and chopped
  • Mayo/Veganaise
  • pickles, chopped
  • shallots, finely chopped

Mix all ingredients together until you get your preferred texture (I like mine a little chunky and not too runny – just start with a little of the mayo and gradually add more until you like it).

Spread on the sandwich under the meatballs!

Some useful info about meat: I normally try to use organic meat if I can afford it. If I can’t, Superstore carries affordable grass-fed beef free from antibiotics and other chemicals. I don’t like Super(-stressful-)store, but I am on a budget, so organic is unfortunately not always the option. I just wanted to share this with you, if you are – like me – looking for affordable, healthier meat options when organic is not always available.

OK, let me know, if you tried the recipe. I hope you liked it! See you soon,


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