Mating Crabs and Blowing Bubbles

Guess what I did this fabulous weekend?

If you guessed scuba diving, you guessed correctly! We had two awesome dives at Coopers Green on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. With a visibility of about 10 meters, we saw sunstars, two giant lion’s mane jellyfish (who seemed to follow us, hehe), ling cod, spider crabs, two other mating crabs (sorry for disturbing…), anemones, and a lot more.

Note: The photo above is from our Hawaii trip in May 2010, not the emerald waters of BC. Also, I would never randomly pick anything up or play around with it, because I do respect the ocean environment. The Brittle Star above was put in my hand by our guide in Hawaii, and in that moment I just trusted that he knew what he was doing…

Back to BC: We decided to dive in wetsuits, even though most people we talked to, recommended a dry suit, but we were fine. One less valve means one less thing to worry about, especially since we’re not that experienced. The other people in wetsuits seemed to be fine as well. Maybe we will experiment again with a dry suit that’s hopefully not leaking in the colder months.

Today all I was thinking about was: “I have to go diving again – soon!”, so I was googling around the web, and there might be another dive coming up soon – yeah!

I had some breakfast, too:

Dark Bread with Gruyere, a yellow heirloom tomato, basil, and an invisible egg (over-easy) behind the sandwich.

and then I ate some more…

… Chickpea Curry with pita bread (I just bought pita at the grocery store, so I skipped the naan – worked well for me :-) ) from the food court for lunch.

Now I’m doing some cleaning, cooking, reading, and then I’m waiting for my man to make some Chanterelle mushroom dish that I’ve been waiting for since Saturday!!!

Take care,


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