It’s a Pizzaster Part II

Of the two years in Vancouver, I think I only had an authentic Italian pizza once – that was at Marcello’s on Commercial Drive. Maybe twice (I believe the Diva at the Met had pizza). Even if it’s called authentic Italian thin crust, I don’t think it’s very authentic. Some places get close, but most fail at the crust that I want: Neapolitan style, thin, bubbly, soft (even soggy, mmmhhhhh…) in the middle, and these funny air bubbles at the outer edge – YUM!

Ok, so now we talked about my idea of the perfect crust, let’s move on to the toppings. It seems that in North America, pizzas are shared. Toppings are usually LOADED on the crust and then everything is topped with cheese (like cheddar, etc…). I don’t mind the different toppings, that are available here. I do, however, mind the amount of them. Why are there always like ten different toppings on a pie? I feel that everything just gets mashed up into one undefinable taste. The moment you have all been waiting for: How is pizza eaten in Susonia?

It’s all about the dimensions:

  1. A Susonian pizza needs a thin crust!
  2. Then, there is a small amount (compared to Vancouver pizza standards) of tomato sauce, followed by a little bit (again, compared to Vancouver style pizza) of cheese, preferably mozzarella:
    crust, then tomato sauce, then cheese under the toppings
  3. Toppings are a bit more difficult, as everyones taste buds prefer something different. Anyway, here are some Susonian standard pizzas (please forgive my Italian spelling :) ):
    Pizza Margherita: topped with fresh mozzarella (which Vancouverites call “Bocconcini” for some reason), fresh tomato slices, and fresh basil
    Pizza Regina (DE, I)/ Pizza Capricciosa (SE): topped with cooked ham and mushrooms
    Pizza Quattro Formaggio: 4 cheeses, my favourite cheese on pizza is Gorgonzola (a must)
    Pizza Hawaii: OK, I guess you are all familiar with the good old ham&pineapple
    other topping combinations could be: prosciutto&rucola, or salami, or salami&mushrooms, etc. as you see, our favourites are pretty simple, compared to some of the pizzas offered in Vancouver
  4. Imagine the amount of toppings on a standard Vancouver pizza… now, divide the amount by two. Result: the amount of toppings on Susonian pizza! I want to be able to define the taste of what I am eating.
  5. Susonians usually like garlic on their pizzas ;-)
  6. The thin crust and less toppings mean that everyone can have their own 12-14″ pizza.


From the dough of one pizza slice (12″ regular crust Vancouver pizza), you should be able to make a whole 12″ crust for a Susonian pizza. The first topping is the pizza sauce, then the cheese under the toppings (this is important!), then the toppings, baked on a pizza stone (I’m assuming you don’t have a stone oven, but if you do, use that instead), very hot (450 – 500 F), and in less than ten minutes it will be nam-nam!

Now if someone could open up a delivery with the above mentioned, I would be their first regular!

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