It’s a Pizzaster Part I

I like Vancouver. I really do. But there is something that I wanna talk about…

Why is there no decent pizza in this city? It’s a Pizza Disaster (= Pizzaster) !

I overheard a lady on campus the other day, telling a girl (I guess she was giving her a tour) that the best pizza on campus can be found at Pie R Squared. I.WAS.SHOCKED. To call this undefinable mass of mixed up crust (or bread?) and toppings a pizza is in my opinion an insult to the delicious dish that I used to eat in Europe.

Why, you ask?

  1. Pie R Squared’s slices are probably at least an inch thick.
  2. From what I am used to, the toppings are americanized, that’s ok - it’s the amount…  :-o
  3. The cheese is on top of the toppings, thus making a big melt out of it.

I had a slice of “pizza PIE” ( I don’t call it pizza…) there once. I’s cheap and quick, so I guess it’s a good eat for those students, who want to save, yet have a filling meal. Fair enough. Not for me though! (think of Futurama’s Professor Farnsworth: “It’s an outrage, I tell you!”)

Don’t get me wrong, I do order some pizza every now and then, but I just want to point out, that not only on campus, but in the whole city, there is room for improvement. Good thing, we bought a pizza stone, and I’m still trying to perfect my crust, but at least that gives us the possibility to make the pizzas just the way we want them.

Stay tuned for a pizzasterous update and read about how (*real*) pizzas are made in Susonia!

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